how to duplicate wordpress page

4 Plugins to Help How to Duplicate WordPress Page and Post

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If you want to know how to duplicate WordPress page, you have to read the following information. It allows you to clone a page from WordPress at ease. Yet, you have to use a plugin for it.

Plugins help you not only duplicate a post but also a page. It is the safest way and will do it right on your dashboard. Let us check the below information.

how to duplicate wordpress page


How to Duplicate a Post



This option allows you to clone ever

ything from the available content. Besides, it offers you a prefix or suffix option so you can differentiate your original and clone post. The steps are as in the below:

  1. Start by installing the plugin. Then, a
    ctivate it.
  2. Go to your WordPress dashboard and select the Posts. Continue by tapping the All while you clone the post. Change the option with the Pages if you clone the pages.
  3. You have to navigate the page that you want to copy. Then, tap the Clone key to copy it.
  4. It is also possible for you to select multiple pages or posts. End your process by clone all of them using Bulk Actions.

How to Duplicate WordPress P

age and Post

You will not find a lot of features in duplicating pages and posts. Yet, this step enables you to duplicate it quickly. It is also a lightweight plugin and will not harm your site with unnecessary features.

The steps are as below:

  1. Begin by installing the plugin. After that, you have to activate it.
  2. Continue by entering the Post or Pages key. Next, select All or other options that you want to copy. This process is similar to the previous paragraph.
  3. Then, you have to hover over your chosen page or post to be cloned.
  4. End your process by clicking the Duplicate key.
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Duplicating The Page

This section provides you with additional features that are not offered by other cloning plugins. It does not only duplicate the posts and pages but also customize the post types.

Besides, it allows you to keep the resulting copies as private, pending, drafts, or public. The steps are as follow:

  1. Start by installing and activating the plugin.
  2. Next, configure the settings to fit your requirements.
  3. Continue by accessing the Pages or Post. Then, select any content to be duplicated.
  4. Finish your process by tapping the Duplicate This option.

How to Duplicate using Post Duplicator

A Post Duplicator is another simple cloning plugin. It can duplicate your post or page exactly, including custom fields, custom post types, and custom taxonomies.

It is not only easy but also quick to do. Additionally, it will not give more weight to your site. The process is as follow:

  1. Almost similar to the previous explanations, you have to begin by installing the plugin. Then, you have to activate this plugin.
  2. Next, Select the Posts or Pages, depending on what you need most. Proceed by tapping the All key. From here, you can find any content that you want to copy.
  3. Then, remember to hover over either the post or page.
  4. End it by tapping the Duplicate Page or Duplicate Post as your option.
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