5 ways to make WA look offline even if it's online, you do not know!

5 ways to make WA look offline even if it’s online, you do not know!

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Krisetya Tech- Are you lazy to chat with someone, but at the same time have to respond to important messages from friends or family? You do not need to get confused because it is a way to make it look offline even if it is online.

Sometimes it’s really a situation that makes someone very reluctant to respond to chats from other people, perhaps a partner who is fighting, an annoying stalker, or even a friend who borrows money but who is very difficult to return or to and with not returned.

If they get caught online, people like the ones above will usually be more aggressive when sending messages, also known as spam chats. Well, the easiest way to avoid that is to turn off the reading sign on WhatsApp and hide the web screen that follows.

How to make WA look offline even when it’s online

1. Disable the Last Set function

Disable the last set feature

This first method is the most effective way to make WhatsApp look off because the last time WhatsApp was opened, it could not be seen. However, this also depends on the settings selected in the privacy section. To turn off the last set feature itself:

  • Open the Settings section of the WhatsApp application.
  • Select Account and click
  • Click on the words Last Seen.
  • Three options appear, namely None, All, and My Contact.
  • If the number of the person you want to avoid is not stored in the phonebook, you can select My contact from the three options above. But if the number is stored and you do not want / can delete it, select it

2. Turn off the Read function

Turn off the Read function

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If the last set is turned off but the read function is still active, the offline viewer will not be optimal, because later if the person sends a message and opens the chat accidentally, the message is read, namely two blue ticks are displayed on that person.

Finally, the person will know that you are online on whatsapp, and it will be discovered that you intentionally did not respond to the message or avoided it. To avoid prolonged noise, you should turn off the reading function with the following steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Account
  • Select Privacy
  • Scroll down to find and click on read receipts.
  • Slide the button to the right of the article to turn it on / off (or uncheck it if you are on Android).

Change settings on Whatsapp Story

Change settings on Whatsapp Story

If the two ways to make it look offline even if it is online are done above, but you are still diligent in creating status / stories on whatsapp, then of course the people who are avoided will be even more furious because you look very conspicuous and do not respond to messages intentionally.

There are two solutions to choose from, namely to avoid creating stories, and the other is to change the settings of the story by going to the Settings menu on WhatsApp and selecting Account and then Privacy.

Next is the Status submenu tab, then click on the right arrow next to the text and then three types of settings will appear about who can see the status / history on your WhatsApp, namely:

  • My contact: all the numbers you save in your contact list will be able to see each of your stories.
  • My contact except: you can share the status of the contact list, but you can still select one or more contacts to not see it, so the contacts you check are the ones that can not see.
  • Just share: the opposite of the second option, in this option the contacts you tick are the ones that can see your story.

If you avoid only one person or a maximum of five, you can select the My contact except option, but if the number of people you do not want to see your story is more, select Share only.

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4. Reply to chat from notification

Reply to Chat from Notif

As long as your device is connected to the internet, every time a chat comes in on WhatsApp, of course, an alert will appear on the screen. Well, WhatsApp is equipped with a quick reply feature that allows users to reply to the message without opening or entering the application.

So only responses from pop-up notification and whatsapp will look off without turning off data. In order not to miss a single pop-up, it can be set first in the settings section, for example on iOS, as follows:

  • Go to the Settings menu on the iPhone.
  • Menu tab
  • Click in the list of available applications
  • Check or enable the button to the right of Allow alerts.
  • Click the right arrow next to Banner Style and select
  • Finally, click Show Preview and select Always (Default).

Now every time there is a chat or miscall on whatsapp, the alert will always appear on the screen, whether the screen is locked or not and the alert will not disappear until you open the application or give a reply in the form of clear alerts or reply to messages.

5. Change profile information

Change profile information

The four things above are actually quite enough to make people you avoid believe you are rarely online. To be more convincing, you can also change some information on the account profile in the name or About section.

You can delete your profile name and leave the About section blank or write Offline. You can also enter other similar information, such as “Rare online”, “Old off” and so on.

The way to make it look offline even if it is online in the list above has proven to be effective in fooling someone who consciously wants to be avoided for some reason. In general, the above methods are very simple because they do not require third-party applications.

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