7 ways to lock WA to be safe from eavesdropping, easy!

7 ways to lock WA to be safe from eavesdropping, easy!

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Krisetya Tech- How to lock WA so that it is safe against eavesdropping and data theft can be done in several ways. This locking must be done correctly so that the content of the chat in it as well as certain data such as text or video is not spread.

In addition, the technology used to perform the tapping process is currently very much. If it is not done properly, it is feared that it will create problems. It can even trigger a fight with many people.

In this article, you will learn how to lock WA so that it is safe from eavesdropping. The process can be done by using additional applications or taking advantage of the existing test features on WhatsApp and mobile phones.

How to lock WA to be safe from eavesdropping

1. Check the status bar on HP

Check the status bar on HP

The way to secure WA numbers to be safe from eavesdropping is to always check the status bar on the mobile phone you are using. It is very important to know notifications from WhatsApp whether someone is logged in with the browser or not.

Usually if someone comes in using a web browser, it will be an alert if you are online from somewhere else. If it is this status, it can be determined that the WhatsApp you are using is being intercepted and that the person is reading its contents.

If this happens, hurry to the logout process. To do this, go to the connected device. After that, you can immediately do the logout process from a browser you never use or which suddenly appears.

2. Log out routine on laptop

Log out routine on laptop

When you work, someone usually uses WhatsApp that is connected to a computer. This is done so that they can focus more on the job and not use the mobile phone to check messages.

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When logging in with a browser, it is recommended to always log out regularly. This is done to prevent irresponsible people. When they access the computer in the office, they can immediately open Whatsapp.

If you are a very forgetful person, it is recommended to use the Incognito tab. This way, when you close the browser, it will automatically delete all the data so that the WhatsApp used will automatically log out.

Enable 2-face verification

Enable 2-face verification

Whether we realize it or not, Whatsapp has actually provided a 2-way or two-face verification feature. This means that if you confirm to enter it not only once with standard verification, but in other ways.

If someone comes in carelessly, it will appear immediately or a warning will appear. This method will make it easier for you to make the login process safe. So other people will not be able to go into it carelessly.

First, enable this feature on WhatsApp. So when someone tries to step in to carry out the wiretapping process, it can usually show up on its own. So you can instantly change your password or similar easily and quickly.

4. Lock your phone regularly

Lock your phone regularly

One way to complete the monitoring process is to log in to your Whatsapp account. To prevent this, it is recommended that you lock your phone frequently. The locking process can be done using a password or with a pattern.

Do not lock, then you can easily prevent others from entering the phone. A secure locking process is usually related to biometrics such as the use of a fingerprint or the use of a face.

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Do this if you are used to putting your phone on the table or elsewhere. So even if other people go into their cell phones, they will not be able to open Whatsapp because the front is already locked.

5. Using the LockIt app

Uses the LockIt app

To use another application to do the locking process. How to do it can be followed below.

  • Download the LockIt application first.
  • In addition, do the installation process as usual.
  • Open the application and give permission first.
  • In addition, you do the process of entering the password to be used.
  • Activate the desired password.

When it is activated, when you enter the phone, you must first use a password. This application is a bit difficult to break, so WhatsApp that is in it will.

Use Antivirus

Uses antivirus

Some antiviruses can be used to prevent eavesdropping. You can use different types of antivirus available on Playstore. One antivirus that can be used is Anti Spy Mobile Free.

Download as usual using Playstore. After that, you can immediately activate which applications will be detected by pressing. You can choose WhatsApp.

7. Do not enter OTP

Does not provide OTP

One way to log in to the account you are using is to always use OTP. This OTP is usually sent in the form of SMS or WhatsApp so that someone can use it for direct confirmation.

It is strongly recommended that you do not arbitrarily give OTPs to other people. Especially now that many incidents such as social engineering are being carried out so that the process of data theft is widespread.

By giving the OTP code to other people, it is very likely that the data on WhatsApp can be printed and retrieved directly. Then immediately delete OTP so that it is not used carelessly by irresponsible people.

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How to lock WA to be safe from eavesdropping and data theft is given above. The point is, you can use the manual method by always checking and using a password. If you want to be more secure, you can use more applications.

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