7 ways to rotate Xiaomi phones using apps (MagisX, SuperSU, TWRP, etc.)

7 ways to rotate Xiaomi phones using apps (MagisX, SuperSU, TWRP, etc.)

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Krisetya Tech- Xiaomi is still the preferred smartphone brand due to its sophistication and features that support daily needs. However, most of the users often use the method to root a Xiaomi mobile phone. The goal is that previously unopened functions can be used to make work easier.

Another benefit of the rooting process is to increase the performance of the mobile phone or increase the RAM. There are also those who really want their Xiaomi mobile phone to have the ability to install games or other applications on the SD card.

While there are some drawbacks that should also be considered, this does not discourage Xiaomi owners from messing around. It is as if you have full access to everything built into a mobile device.

How to rotate Xiaomi phones

There are different ways that are easy to use and implement on each Xiaomi. All devices can go through the rooting process which tends to be simple, so the usage is also much more influential. Check out the methods below:

Root Xiaomi Using Magic

Root Xiaomi using Magic

Magic is a tool developed by topjhowu. These tools benefit from a systemless way of working. To date, Magic has been very useful in helping the process as well as hiding clutter so that it is free from the detection of SafetyNet-based applications.

Some of them are banking applications, ojol, Netflix and others. This tool is suitable for all Xiaomi mobile phones with Android Lollipop up to 10. MUI 7 to 12 can feel the efficiency of messing with Magic.

  • Download and install Magic v2.40 and Magic Uninstaller
  • Move Magic files to a memory card or internal storage
  • Turn off your mobile phone and enter the TWRP section
  • Click Install and continue selecting the Magic-v20.4.zip file
  • Slide the button that says Swipe to confirm the flash
  • Restart the system if the installation is successful
  • Open Magic Manager and update if necessary

2. Magic boot.image on Mi 10+

Magic boot.image on Mi 10+

How to root a Xiaomi mobile with Magic does not end there. Although the method is quite complicated and troublesome, the success rate tends to be high. Keep doing this carefully if you do not want the phone to be bricked.

  • Download the firmware to your PC and unzip it until it is successfully installed
  • Unpack until installation is successful
  • Look for a file called boot.img if the installation is successful, then move the folder to your Xiaomi phone
  • Install Magic Manager via patch boot image file
  • Wait for the patching process for a few seconds
  • Copy patched_boot_img to extract the folder to your PC
  • Continue with ADB and Fastboot recovery on the folder
  • Copy back in .tar mode to the ADB and Fastboot folder
  • In the menu, press SHIFT and right-click and flash
  • Type the command that says fastboot reboot
  • The root process has been successful. Use your Xiaomi phone as best you can
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3. Using SuperSU

Uses SuperSU

Is the first tool useful for rooting since the first launch of Android phones. However, SuperSU is no longer under development and updates from the developer. Therefore, Xiaomi based on Android Oreo and later can not enjoy it to support the rooting process.

Some devices that are still compatible need to be installed with Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat.

  • Download and install SuperSU v2.82
  • Load the file into the internal storage of your mobile phone
  • Press volume up and power buttons simultaneously and then release
  • Click Install
  • Select file option SuperSU-v2.82-201705271822.zip
  • Slide the Swipe button to confirm the existing flash
  • Click Restart to system
  • If the SuperSU Manager application appears on the home page, it means that the root process was successful

4. Using KingRoot

Uses KingRoot

The next way to root Xiaomi mobile phones is to use the KingRoot application. This popular application can be run without having to use a PC. However, KingRoot can only be operated on Xiaomi phones based on MIUI 6 and MIUI 7 based on Lollipop.

  • Open the Settings menu on Xiaomi
  • Select Privacy or Privacy
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option
  • Continue by turning off your internet connection first
  • Install the KingRoot application on Google or download it here.
  • Once installed, the internet can be turned on again
  • Open the KingRoot app, then tap TryRoot
  • Wait a few moments for a successful root warning to appear

5. Using the Framaroot app

Use the Framaroot app

This simple application will not make it difficult for you to perform root activities. Framaroot also does not require a network or connect to a laptop or PC. The only thing you need to check again is compatibility.

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The latest version of Framaroot cannot be used on Xiaomi Android 4.4 or earlier versions. This application can be obtained through a free download on the official application.

  • Download and install Framaroot
  • When done, enter the dialog box and select install SuperSU
  • Select the Gandalf option
  • Wait until the long process can be completed
  • Just let it go, but make sure that the mobile battery is sufficient and fully charged so that it does not die
  • The success box appears, indicating the correct time to restart and restart
  • The application will appear on the mobile phone, which means that the mobile phone has been rooted

6. Use Super User

User Super User

Super User is an application that is no less popular than other alternative root sources. The procedure for using it is also quite simple without being convoluted. You do not need to connect or influence from a PC device.

  • Open the Settings menu on your Xiaomi mobile phone
  • Select the Additional Settings menu
  • Select the Unknown source information check box so that Superuser can be installed immediately
  • Return to the additional settings menu
  • Select Privacy
  • Press the Unknown Sources button
  • Download the Super User application which is available via the website
  • Select the latest version of the application
  • Install the Super User application
  • Open the successfully installed program and then select Root
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • If the Super User application has entered the menu bar of your mobile phone, it means that the root has been executed on your device
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7. Using the TWRP system

Uses the TWRP system

This is a way to root Xiaomi mobile phones, which tends to be more complex. Nevertheless, Xiaomi users do not hesitate to take advantage of this one method. Make sure the boot loader on your phone is installed in the unlock mode.

  • Install the Xiaomi USB driver on a laptop or computer device
  • Download Fastboot and ADB
  • Continue unpacking to a special folder on your PC
  • Download Chainfire resulting in .zip format. This process is generally supported by TWRP based on the type of Xiaomi phone you have
  • Encryption must be disabled and may occur if you download Force Encryption Zip
  • Press SHIFT and right-click on any part of Windows on the Fastboot and ADB extracts
  • Drag TWRP.img to the same storage folder as Fastboot and ADB
  • Open Settings in the Xiaomi menu, then select Developer Options
  • Touch Enable USB Troubleshooting
  • Connect your Xiaomi mobile phone to your PC with a USB cable
  • Perform the reboot process by pressing the volume up and down buttons for 10 seconds
  • Type ADB Reboot Boorloader on the screen
  • Select OK and then Allow USB debugging
  • Write fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • Wait for the process to complete while pressing the volume up and power buttons
  • Run flash in the Disable Force Encryption zip section
  • When the reboot process is complete, automatic rooting on the mobile phone is also completed

How to root the Xiaomi mobile phone above can be operated on almost all types and base versions of Android. Just adjust it to the needs and compatibility available for each tool and application. Run the process carefully so as not to cause problems on the mobile phone.

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