7 ways to view deleted WhatsApp messages (iphone and Android)

7 ways to view deleted WhatsApp messages (iphone and Android)

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Krisetya Tech- How to view deleted Whatsapp messages can be done in several ways. Some use certain applications and some are done manually. This is done to make it easier for you to know what the content of messages sent in the past is.

You can use both methods that will be discussed in this article. By doing so, the messages sent will still be read. So even if it has been unilaterally deleted, it can still be viewed or returned.

Keep in mind that the methods discussed below may not work. But it never hurts to try. Because by doing so, you do not have to be curious about messages that have been deleted by others.

How to view deleted WhatsApp messages

1. Use WhatsApp GB

Uses WhatsApp GB

The first way to view deleted Whatsapp messages can be done by using the GB WhatsApp application. This method is the easiest to do because it does not have to be a long process.

In order to use it, it is recommended to perform the installation process correctly. After that, you can use it directly automatically without having to do the setting process first. Follow the complete steps below.

  • First download the latest version of GB WhatsApp.
  • Perform the installation process by first setting up your phone to allow the installation of APKs from unknown sources.
  • After the installation is complete, you can immediately perform the login and verification process as usual.
  • You can directly use WhatsApp, which if the message is deleted, will be restored as before.

Note: This method of viewing deleted messages can only work properly when using the latest version. In addition, the use of modified WhatsApp also risks blocking the account you use.

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Use WA Aero

Take advantage of WA Aero

In addition to using WhatsApp GB, you can also use other modified WhatsApp applications such as WA Aero. This method is almost the same as the one discussed above, only APK is different.

You can perform the installation process by allowing installation from unknown sources. After that, you can log in directly and confirm that you are using standard WhatsApp.

You do not need to make any settings because deleted messages are automatically recovered.

Use the Answer button

Use the Answer Raffle button

The two preceding ways can be done for those who do not want to care. It’s just that if you use the method above, the risk is quite high. If you do not want to do that, just use the following simple method.

  • First, enter a chat that has been deleted by someone else.
  • Then press the reply button on the deleted message.
  • Usually the words in the message are displayed at the top.
  • So you can still read even if you do not do it optimally.

For the sake of clarity, the above method may not be useful for the latest version of WhatsApp. Because there are those who believe that this method can be done because there are still errors available. But in a few updates after that, it has been fixed by WhatsApp.

4. Use the default Android widget

Use Android's built-in widgets

In addition to using the answer button, you can also use the original standard from Android. Take advantage of the Widgets feature. So you can get alerts by activating this menu.

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The method is quite simple, just activate the widget for the notification section. On some types of Android phones, the method may be a little different. But in general, you only need to get this alert to make a recording.

5. Use the WhatsRemoved + app

Use the WhatsRemoved + app

We can also find out how to view deleted Whatsapp messages using the WhatsRemoved + application. Follow these steps to take advantage of it.

  • Open Playstore first, then you can download the WhatsRemoved + application directly.
  • Once installed, you can go straight into it and allow some permissions.
  • In addition, all notifications received on the mobile phone will be recorded immediately.
  • Previously deleted alerts including WhatsApp and all messages in it will also be displayed.

You just go into this application and check one by one. If it is a deleted message, it will usually appear there and can be read again.

6. Use the notification history application

Use the notification history app

Another application that can be used to find messages from WhatsApp that has been deleted is notification history. As the name suggests, this application is used to find out the history of various alerts that have come in on the mobile phone.

So all alerts included from WhatsApp will be registered immediately. Even if the original alert that was sent was deleted, the message will still be displayed there so that it can still be easily read.

  • Open Playstore and download this application first.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • Open the app and then grant permission for some permissions.
  • After posting it, you can immediately see any alerts.
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7. Install the Recent Notification application

Install recent notification apps

This application can be used to see which alerts have appeared. So even though the previously deleted Whatsapp message alerts can still be returned or read. Follow these steps to use it.

  • Install the app first Recent alerts.
  • Once installed, it can be activated immediately.
  • You also need to enable notifications from WhatsApp so that they appear on the screen.
  • To check, you can go directly into the application.
  • Check the notification section because everything that comes in will be registered. So you just need to look for the notification section issued by WhatsApp.

How to view deleted Whatsapp messages is quite easy to do. You only have to choose whether you want to use additional applications or it can be done manually. In this way, the content of the message will still be read and can be answered.

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