APK Downloader Play Store Original Download Latest Version 2022

APK Downloader Play Store Original Download Latest Version 2022

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Krisetya Tech- For some reason, not everyone can process the APK file directly on Playstore. So they need the Play Store APK Downloader. Using this platform, you can make APK files easier to install on your phone.

So you do not need to download APK files from multiple mirror sites. Also, by downloading from that site, no one knows if the file is really safe or prone to viruses and malicious software that could be dangerous on mobile phones.

To find out how to get the APK file directly from Playstore. It’s good to listen to some of the reviews below. That way you can better understand and can practice the method directly.

Why download the Google Play Store APK

Why download APK

There are several reasons why someone decides to download an APK. Read more below.

Limited Edition Available

Some of the applications released on the Playstore are of a limited type, and some can be used freely by anyone. Sometimes these limited applications are applications that are still in the testing phase.

So only a few people can download and not everyone can enter. Because you can not do the process directly, you need a link on the Playstore to get the APK file illegal.

This method can be used for testing, although it is not recommended. This is because the trial application is usually still less stable, so it’s better to wait for the global release or official release first.

2. Location lock

Some programs, especially games, can only be played in certain regions or countries. If the country Indonesia is not included in the list, it will not be found when you do a search in the Playstore. But it can still appear when searching on Google.

By using the link on Google you can download the APK file. This way, even if it is limited by region or geography, the download process can run smoothly and the application can be installed perfectly.

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So even if this application is only released in Japan or Korea, you can still play it. But keep in mind if this type of application usually still uses the original language that is there and still does not use English.

3. Application is not compatible with HP

Some applications or games sometimes work in writing if they are not suitable for installation on the mobile phone in use. Although the type of mobile phone used already has good specifications and should be used for installation.

Because writing like this appears and can not do the installation process directly. Some people decide to download the APK file by using a downloader first. Using this method, the APK file can be inserted into the mobile phone.

Then the installation process can be run automatically. If there is a request to allow installation from unknown sources, you can change it first. But the official applications that are already on the Playstore usually do not require it.

Used for emulator

Recently used for emulators or applications that can open APK files using a computer. Not all emulator apps installed on your computer are available in the Play Store, so you need to download the APK file first.

If you have the APK file, you can open the application immediately. The installation process will usually run as on a mobile phone, so you can wait until it is finally perfectly installed.

Play Store APK Downloader

Play Store APK Downloader

The most famous Play Store APK downloader is Evozi. By using this application you can make the APK download process easier. Check out the steps to download with Evozi below.

  • Prepare a link from Playstore on Google Chrome in advance.
  • To get a link, you just need to type in certain keywords or the name of the application on Google.
  • Furthermore, if you have found or received a link from Playstore, you can open the following website directly: https://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/
  • After opening it, you can enter the link from Playstore directly in the column that comes with it.
  • Do not forget to click on Generate download link.
  • Wait for the process to get the APK file first.
  • When done, a download button will appear and you can press it directly to get the APK file.
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Remember that this page can be accessed with a mobile phone or a browser on a laptop. However, if you want to do the installation directly, it is recommended to use a mobile browser such as Google Chrome.

Tips for downloading APK

Tips for downloading APK

If you want to do the APK download process, there are several things that need to be considered. Read more below.

Valid link

The first thing you should note if you want to download using this method is to use a valid link. This means that the link can actually be used to download and is available.

Sometimes some of the links on Google are invalid, so when you use the converter above, no APK files will be downloaded. So first make sure if the link is really valid or not at all.

2. The language of the app

The language used in the application may not match the language you speak. Therefore, it is highly recommended to download programs that are actually available in Indonesia because they definitely use the local language or at least English.

Sometimes someone uses Chinese or Japanese. If you use a language like this, it will most likely be difficult during the installation process and use this application to its full potential.

So it’s a good idea to wait for the global release version first. Usually this release version is only in a few months or a maximum of 1 year.

App updates

Updating the application when it completes the download and installation process usually requires the use of a VPN. Especially if the application is only available in certain countries, so that the process of downloading additional data can only use third-party applications.

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If you do not use a VPN, you will not be able to make the download process easier. Even the application will not be able to open, so it will be useless once you have completed the download and installation process.

After reading the reviews above, it is clear that there are several things that need to be considered if you want to download an APK. One of them is to choose the right website to avoid viruses or malicious software that is dangerous if you continue.

In addition, if you are using the Play Store APK Downloader, you must first check if the file is actually suitable for your mobile phone. If you force it, it will most likely cause problems such as the application not opening or the phone hanging.

This is why it is still recommended that you download the application directly using the Play Store. So do not download applications that are not suitable or not suitable. Because each application has specific specifications.

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