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3 Easy Ways to Fix Apple Watch Not Turning On Problem

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Have you ever encountered a problem where your Apple Watch not turning on, despite of your multiple attempts to tap on the display or pressing its buttons multiple times? If the answer is yes, then don’t stress over it yet. Soon, you will read several tips to turn on your Apple watch whenever it refuses to.

There are several plausible reasons of why this specific device of yours declines to function properly. It can be due to battery fault, software problem, or hardware issues. A full storage can also be the cause of this condition.

Regardless of which exact reason that causes your Apple Watch not turning on, it does not always mean to be a disaster. Majority of times, the issue can be resolved relatively fast. Below are listed some of the recommended actions to take if your Apple watch is failed to activate its system, that are explained in helpful, simple, and easy ways.

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First Method to Resolve Your Apple Watch Not Turning On: Charge the Device

The first recommended tip may sound painfully obvious, but it is still a possibility work to take. When your Apple Watch not turning on due to whatever reason, then you need to charge the device and see if the issue has something to do with the battery. Leave the charging process to run for several hours or overnight.

Before you try the charging solution, you need to make sure of these things first:

  1. Observe the bottom part of your device to make sure that there’s nothing that stuck underneath such as plastic wrap. Apple Watch is charged by being placed on the induction charging pad, so if there’s anything stuck on its bottom area, it may cause a charging problem.
  2. Check if the charging station is properly plugged into your electricity outlet. Again, this may sound like a no-brainer. However, who knows, maybe someone has unplugged your Apple Watch charging station to plug another appliance and forget to plug it back.
  3. Confirm that your device’s cable has no damage such as worn-out spots or cuts. If you know other Apple Watch users nearby, then you may borrow their charging station and see if your device can be charged properly. Your Apple Watch should display a lightning bold power icon when it is being supplied by power.


Second Method to Resolve Your Apple Watch Not Turning On: Perform Hard Reboot

Battery issue might be the most common reason behind why your Apple Watch not turning on. However, if you have checked thoroughly with the device’s battery and the charging process, and found no faultiness within this department, then you may resort for hard reboot solution. This is also the ideal option to take if you don’t want to wait hours between the processes of battery charging.

The problem of your Apple Watch not turning on may have something to do with mistakenly triggered mode or some software issues. Hard reboot can force your device system to be refreshed and solve nearly all types of problem except battery damage or dead battery.

This action is also recommended to take if your Apple Watch has entered power reserved mode. This mode is similar to the iPhone’s low power mode, but has more extreme effect. When your smartwatch device enters this mode, it shuts off nearly all of the features and makes the screen to go entirely dark – only reserves the display of time, before it’s going to appear all-black again. You might wonder however, how is this possible if you have never activated the power reserve mode before? Well, Apple Watch is going to notify the user if it has only 10% battery power left. This can lead to the accidental activation of power saving mode. This mode can be activated by pressing the battery icon located at the device’s control panel as well. To turn this mode off, you will have to reboot your device.

Here are three steps to take if you want to perform hard reboot to tackle Apple Watch not turning on:

  1. Press down the digital crown of your Apple Watch that’s located on the side of the device and the tiny button below the digital crown simultaneously.
  2. Press down both buttons continuously until your device displayed logo of Apple on its screen that informs about restarting process.
  3. Wait for approximately 10 seconds for the process to be done, but continue to hold down both buttons for minimum 30 seconds.

You know you have successfully hard rebooted your Apple Watch if it’s finally turning on. That being said, if the problem continues to persist, then you may move to the next recommended tips to resolve your Apple Watch not turning on issue.

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Third Method to Resolve Your Apple Watch Not Turning On: Check Screen Curtain on Settings

If your smartwatch is integrated with your other Apple devices, then you should be able to use accessibility feature that is called ‘Screen Curtain’. This tool is available as a part of VoiceOver assistance, which is designed and developed to be used for vision impaired users as it allows the device to be operated through sound instead of sight.

So, if the battery charging and hard reboot tips cannot resolve your issue, you should try to perform this tip. Here are several steps you need to do to turn off the VoiceOver:

  1. Open ‘Watch’ mobile application on your iPhone device that have been paired with your smartwatch.
  2. Press on the ‘My Watch’ menu to open the page.
  3. Scroll the menu down and select ‘General’.
  4. Select ‘Accessibility’.
  5. Tap on the menu of ‘VoiceOver’ – if it is turned on, then tapping it would make it switched off, and if it is turned off, then tapping it would make the feature switched on.


Have you turn on your smartwatch successfully by now? If you’re still facing the same problem of Apple Watch not turning on, then it is most likely that the issue lays on the hardware failure. Your device might need to replace its battery or any other possible reasons. To resolve hardware problems, you need to contact Apple’s repair center as soon as possible.

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