Easy!  How to create an iPhone FF logo on a free fire account (Apple logo)

Easy! How to create an iPhone FF logo on a free fire account (Apple logo)

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Krisetya Tech- How to create an iPhone FF logo on a free fire game account is a hot topic of discussion. The beginning of the appearance of the Apple logo was when it was used by a Youtuber named William Gz.

Names of accounts that have different meanings, of course, you also have certain reasons when you decide to include a name on your free four-game account.

In addition, the use of the iPhone FF logo on an ff account that you have your own impression. The reason, the name of the apple has a very luxurious impression. So it is not surprising that many players are interested in using it directly.

Given an Apple iPhone icon in an account, it will look more manly, luxurious and give an elegant impression. Therefore, many free fire players are busy finding out information about the apple free fire logo.

And if you’re curious to try it out directly, please see the explanation of the Apple FF logo and interesting facts in it. So read more below.

Briefly about the FF iPhone logo

Briefly about the FF iPhone logo

Since the emergence of news about the iPhone FF logo, some of you may still not know what the iPhone logo with free fire means. Therefore, let’s look in detail below.

Please note, however, that we will not discuss the free fire game in detail. But that only leads to a discussion about how to create the iPhone FF logo on the account you have.

Who does not know about Apple products? The Apple company has achieved its greatest success through several of the products they release. The reason is that Apple has become the most popular logo and is already known by many people around the world.

Apple was founded in California, USA under the leadership of Steve Jobs as the first person to create the luxury product. The Apple logo is a distinctive feature in itself.

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As we know, this logo shows an apple that has been eaten on one side and is green or silver. And become one of the leading brands and is widely used by gadget lovers.

Therefore for new users who have not been familiar with the free fire game for a long time. It is very important for you to know some facts about the Apple FF logo. And to find out more in detail, see the full explanation below.

Reasons to use iPhone logo for FF name

Reasons to use iPhone logo for FF name

Perhaps many free fire players are wondering why so many people, especially FF game lovers, want to use the apple logo in their game accounts. Therefore, see the full reasons below.

Looks cool

Of course, by using this apple logo, the ff game account will look cooler than usual. Because this logo makes free players even more confident in playing the game. Even if it has nothing to do with your playing skills.

Look like the sultan

The recent purchases of apple products offer very expensive prices, but they are different from used ones. Because the price is much cheaper.

And if the name of our free fire has an iPhone logo on it, it will assume you are a rich person. So it is not surprising that many people use this logo.

Attract the opposite sex

Many people surf the internet with the keyword how to create an apple logo on an ff account. Of course, this can attract the opposite sex when playing games.

Apart from men, there are also many women who play this free fire game. And so that it looks more slang and can attract the attention of the opposite sex. Also if there are many young children who like to play this game.

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How to make Apple iPhone logo on FF account

How to make Apple iPhone logo on FF account

If you are interested and want to find out how to create an apple logo on your ff profile. It is very simple and does not take much time. So please see the full explanation below.

  1. The first step, go to the Emojipedia link via the browser on your device
  2. After that, copy the Apple logo that you received earlier
  3. And open the free fire game
  4. Please go to the FF profile page by clicking on Avatar which is located at the top right of the mobile phone screen
  5. If you have, click on the note logo and pen to edit the nickname
  6. A new popup page will then appear and you can enter the last nickname
  7. If the nickname has been added, be sure to paste the iPhone logo that you copied
  8. And to be able to change this name, do not forget to click on 490 Diamond and please use a diamond nickname change card
  9. Finished.

How? It’s very easy, not true, to be able to create an apple logo on your free four-game account. Because this method is very easy for you to try. Therefore, see the further explanation below.

How to make iPhone FF logo on Android

Please note that this method can only be used on Android devices. And iOS users like iPad, iPod, iPhone and others still can’t do that.

But you do not have to worry because you can install it by copying the Apple emoticon code, which is the same as adding the Indonesian flag. So how do you find this Apple code? Please see the explanation that follows.

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Via the Unicodepad app

Via the Unicodepad app

The first way you can try is to use the unicodepad application. The Unicodepad application is a code application that is widely used by free gamers.

By using this application you can create FF blank names and other free cool names. In addition, Unicodepad has an iPhone logo that you can create to create a nickname in the Garena FF game.

You do this by typing the U + F8FF code in unicode and you can get an Apple image so you can copy it later when creating the FF name. So for those of you who want to try it directly, download the application below.

Via the keyboard app

Via the keyboard app

Note that there are very few keyboard applications on Android and provide different emojis as unique symbols as the Apple symbol you need.

In addition, there are keyboard applications that you can use GoKeyboard, LED Emoji, Rocky Emoji and so on. Because usually the Apple logo is in the brand tab of the keyboard application.


This is a review of the iPhone FF logo that you can try to use right now. You can follow some of the ways we have provided in this article so that your ff account name is even more interesting than before.

And hopefully what we convey can be useful to readers. Do not forget to look forward to other interesting information and thanks.

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