how to take pictures of the moon with android

Easy Tricks on How to Take Pictures of the Moon with Android

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Some people may not know how to take pictures of the moon with Android devices. Many users know how to do it but do not know how to get the best images. A successful attempt to capture the beautiful moon with an Android camera is an achievement for some users. Some users think about the device in use for the best result of the photos. Some Android models with a top-notch camera may provide magnificent results. Fortunately, there are some ways to optimize this activity that anyone can try.

how to take pictures of the moon with android

How to Take Pictures of the Moon with Android the Right Way?

It requires some preparations to take photos of the moon using Android. It is not just about opening the camera app and pressing the capture button. Among the preps to do is to choose the best camera app for this matter. The default camera app on Android devices may not be the best after all. Therefore, it is best to browse for the best alternatives for that app through the Google Play Store. It is okay to try installing several camera apps simultaneously to find out the best one.

The next thing to do is to deactivate the night mode and flash in the camera. Both of them will only ruin the chance of securing the best image of the moon. Therefore, go to the Settings section of the camera and turn them off. It is better to go for the manual mode if it is available. Another thing to do on how to take pictures of the moon with Android is to optimize the manual settings. Those who know about the manual configuration of a camera will understand the importance of this matter.

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Another preparation step to do this thing is to set the format of RAW JPG. This format allows the image to undergo some corrections after taking the photos. It will optimize the image right after it is available to edit. More importantly, editing a RAW JPG image will not compromise the quality of the picture. In the end, it remains a high-quality photo that offers an enjoyable visual. Different camera apps may put this option in another section or tab.

Capturing the moon with an Android camera can be better with the correct zoom, shutter speed, ISO, and exposure. It is best not to set all of them in the automatic setting. Some apps may work better with the automatic configuration. Unfortunately, it will not be like that when trying to take photos of the moon.

When everything is ready for the camera to capture the object, go for it and check the result. In the end, it remains a necessity to use some third-party apps to enhance the photos. Therefore, the last thing to do on this matter is to use the best photo enhancement app for some finishing touches. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that the type of lens in the Android device affects the overall result. Yet, those tricks on how to take pictures of the moon with Android are beneficial after all.



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