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Email Client for Chromebook: It’s Not Only Gmail!

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What is the best email client for Chromebook? Well, there are many email clients that you can use for Chromebooks, if you decide not to merely depend on the default Gmail. But deciding on which one to pick is quite troublesome. So, let us deliver it to you which email client are worth to install to your Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are considered new, if compared to Windows or Mac. This operating system is developed by Google, which is known as one of the best tech companies in the world. As the year advances, the sales figure of Chromebooks has steadily come as a surge; with 17 million shipments in 2019 and 29.6 million in 2020. Even it is forecasted that it will reach at least 40 million sales, by the end of 2021. That said, no wonder the need of knowing the best email client for Chromebook is increasing—given not all people are working with only Gmail.

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What is Email Client for Chromebook?

Just like Gmail, email clients are defined as an application that lets its user to manage their mails. That said, the programs are designed to help you login to your account first, then it will become your email vault that you can launch anytime you want to see your email without launching the web browser and typing the address of mail provider—you can access your mail vault directly from the app itself.

Although not everyone loves the idea of this, it can help you a lot especially when you are not frequently accessing the mail service provider website that often. So, anytime you turn on your computer, as long as it is connected to the internet, you will get notified by the email client that you got an, or some, emails.

Depending on the application to reply and forward emails is possible as well. Plus, if you want to clean your mail vault, the app will let you to do so, too.

However, you should be aware that email clients are quite slow for first-time use. This is because the programs will need to synchronize your emails before you can use it comfortably. Plus, you cannot change your mail service settings. This is because an email client program is typically the third-party program that is granted access to limited features. Hence, if you need to change your mail settings, you will need to go to your mail service provider website.


What is the Best Email Client for Chromebook?

If you plan on using an email client for Chromebook, then you probably have to do trial and error beforehand. This is because, one’s recommendation may not suit your preferences, and your computer specification may differ, causing the program to move slower in your PC when it does not work slowly in other computers.

In this following explanation, you will get a list of apps that is worth-trying to be installed into your Chromebooks.

1. Outlook


Born as Microsoft’s email client program, you can rely on Outlook if you are trying to search best email client for Chromebook. It is a free-of-charge app, and most importantly, the user interface is definitely easy – a typical for Microsoft apps.

This app can be considered as one of the best substitutes to Gmail—especially if you want to ‘flee’ from the default app. Its user interface enables you to do various things with your email vault: from sending an email, moving, deleting, forwarding, etc. with just a few steps done.

One thing that must be in your attention is how slow it may take to load and send your mails. Also, if you don’t set the email as important email, the receiver may end up not seeing your personal email. So, consider to send the e-mail using the website if your Outlook seems to responds slowly.

2. Blue Mail

Blue Mail

Just like Outlook, Blue Mail offers free-of-charge email client for Chromebook with neat and relatively simple interface. If you don’t like the white glare from Gmail, Blue Mail offers dark mode to help you see your mail vaults better. This email client supports mail service providers—from Gmail to AOL, from Outlook to Yahoo Mail.

Complemented with a swipe feature to manage your email, it eases users to handle their emails. But, as many people reported, the app may become pretty buggy after getting updated. If this is the case, you may consider uninstalling and reinstalling it back to restore its functions.

3. Rainloop


With its similar interface as Gmail, you don’t have to learn much how to handle the app. Plus, it is integrated with Facebook and Dropbox – letting it to be an email client that provides more connectivity and better experience.

Easy email management is the best upside of this application. It has filter feature, and not to forget, vacation messages. That way, you can easily leave your email vault when having holidays, yet not leaving your emails not replied.

4. Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail becomes one of the best email client for Chromebook that worth trying. It provides extended functionality, yet does not burden you that much given its easy interface. What’s best from this app is that it serves you by providing access to multiple email services: from Outlook, Microsoft 365, to even the default mail service, Gmail. Moreover, it works well by providing extended usability and functionality for newer Chromebooks, which also support Android apps.

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Best Email Client for Chromebook: The Bottom Line

To sum it up, email client for Chromebook is defined as a program designed for Chromebooks, which is to enable you with direct desktop email management without needing to launch web browser to visit the mail service website. By using this app, you can directly send and receive emails without accessing the mail service website first. Of course, this will give you much ease especially if you’re that kind of person that often misses emails.

Now you also know that there are several email client for Chromebook that you can install to your PC. Which one that you should pick by then depends on your need and of course, your budget—especially if the app requires some bucks to get the premium version. However, most email clients are free of charge, thus you do not have to pay even for a buck.

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