High Memory Usage Windows 10
High Memory Usage Windows 10

What Causes High Memory Usage Windows 10 and How to Fix It

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If you ever have your computer gone freeze, then chance your computer is dealing with high memory usage Windows 10. It’s not a rare occurrence, though. Many people are dealing with the same problem as well, and that makes their computer becomes ‘scarred’ a bit. Believe it or not, there are lots of methods you can use to fix this problem.

First of all, you should know what terms you need to understand beforehand to understand better how to resolve Windows 10 memory usage. The terms related to this problem will include RAM, ROM, and Cache. However, for most people, it’s the RAM (Random Access Memory) that becomes the main problem.


Why My Computer is dealing with High Memory Usage Windows 10?

The problem is not the operating system itself, but mostly the RAM and virtual memory. To be said simply, RAM is the maximum memory your computer can take up to operate various processes. Therefore, if you are using a browser to surf the net—like this time—you will end up taking part of the RAM memory. Launch another app, another percentage of RAM will be used.

This will continue like that as you open and use programs, and the memory will not be used anymore once you close the programs. Said shortly, RAM is the temporary memory used to launch programs.

When it comes to high memory usage Windows 10, then it’s the RAM that is temporarily ‘burned out’ and running out of space. What if this problem continues? Your computer will not be capable to work on more processes, and that’s why it goes freeze. You may say it with other terms such as hang, stuck, or whatever it’s.

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Each computer has its own RAM. You should know this before purchasing your computer and have it compatible enough to accommodate your use. These days, many computers are having their RAM at 2GB, and it can go up and up until it reaches a whopping RAM total of 3TB. However, the 3TB RAM is the upgraded version and you will need to add memory after memory in order to achieve that number. With that memory, you probably don’t have to search how to fix high memory usage Windows 10 anymore.


What Causes High Memory Usage Windows 10?

Once again, this problem is not caused by the Windows 10 itself. It’s about the RAM, the apps you are using, and the way you are using your computer that causes it to be like that.

  1. RAM problem

Your computer has 2GB RAM and you are planning to play game that requires lots of video content. If this is your case, you may end up having your computer ‘exhausted’ and freeze. Many people recommend to have 16 GB RAM in order to play easily without having to deal with memory usage, but this still depends on the game itself.


Aside from games, you can also build a high memory usage Windows 10 if you operate applications that requires much memory use, such as for graphic designing or video editing. If you are using your computer with those as your purposes, then it’d be better to opt for a PC with higher RAM.


  1. The apps you are using

Regarding this problem, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are using too many applications all at the same time. Therefore, your computer uses more memory and that is what people call as high usage. If this issue persists, you know what it can bring.

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Aside from that, using defective Windows 10 software may cause your PC to use more memory as well. This occurrence is more known as memory leak, and if you let this issue to occur for a long time, your computer may end up having downtime more frequently. Therefore, it’s a great decision to have you PC getting a regular ‘check-up’ if you think your PC gets troubled with high memory usage Windows 10.


  1. Your ‘style’ of using computer

You can also end up using more space if you are frequently using your computer with many programs running altogether. If you have to do this on a regular basis, then probably getting a computer with more RAM can be the ultimate solution—especially if the programs you are using are ‘heavy’ ones.


How to Deal with High Memory Usage Windows 10?

In dealing with high memory usage Windows 10, there are many methods you can do. Several methods will be explained as follows:

  • Closing unnecessary applications/programs

high memory usage

Given that your RAM will build up as you use more programs, you will cut more memory usage if you use less programs. Therefore, it’s advised to close each unnecessary program if you don’t need to use it.


But that doesn’t mean you only need to hit that (X) button. So, you can do this procedure:

  1. Start your task manager;
  2. Activate the ‘Processes’ tab;
  3. Right-click on each process name, and select ‘End task’.


  • Disabling your startup programs

start up program

You may have known that some programs will start automatically as the computer is turned on and started up. To disable such unnecessary programs, simply do:

  1. Launch task manager;
  2. Activate the ‘Startup’ tab;
  3. Choose any programs that you want to disable, right-click on it and select ‘Disable’.
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  • Checking for virus

cheecking virus with avast

Sometimes, the high memory usage Windows 10 is caused by computer virus. Therefore, you should consider installing an antivirus and running a deep check for any viruses causing the computer to use more memory. If your PC is too jammed and it’s impossible to have an additional antivirus to download, you can just use the built-in Windows Defender. You can also use Avast.


  • Get your Windows 10 reinstalled

reinstall windows 10

Another option to fix this is by reinstalling the operating systems. Reinstalling the package of Windows 10 can have a huge impact to deal with the problem. Alternately, you can as well try to reset the PC. You may lose the downloaded apps, but it’s said to be an effective method to fix the problem.

Lastly, increasing the physical memory (RAM) will surely help to dismiss this issue of high memory usage Windows 10. Although this may cost you a bit, it’s an effective and permanent method that you can rely on.

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