how long does it take to update to iOS 14

How Long Does It Take to Update to iOS 14 the Right Way?

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Knowing how long does it take to update to iOS 14 is crucial for Apple users. It helps to plan for the update itself instead of just initiating it blindly. Following the latest update for the operating system on May 24th, 2021, users are eager to perform the update. Nevertheless, it is fundamental to understand the changes from the previous version to this new one before updating. That thing affects the overall requirement of time to finish the update the right way.

The latest iOS 14 update version comes with a bunch of features and improvements. That is one thing that contributes to the longer update time than the previous releases. Among the new stuff in this version are new widgets, picture-in-picture mode, a new translation app, and many more. More importantly, the developers focus on apps that are crucial in the users’ life. All in all, this new update is a promising one for all users of Apple mobile devices.

how long does it take to update to iOS 14

The Breakdown of How Long Does It Take to Update to iOS 14

Fortunately, there is an estimation of how long does it take to update to iOS 14. The overall time will depend on the device that runs the update. A faster gadget may finish the process quicker than slower gadgets. The update includes synchronization, backup and transfer, operating system download and install, and initial setup. It reaches up to one hour to complete. For a system update with many features to expect, it is reasonable.

It starts from the synchronization step that ranges from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. Fortunately, this step is an optional choice for users. The backup and transfer step is the next thing that lasts up to 30 minutes to complete. This one is another optional step to choose accordingly. Furthermore, the download and install of the new version will run for about 35 minutes in total. After that, the iOS 14 new version update will finish with up to 5 minutes of setting up.

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That estimation is enough to plan for the update beforehand. Users who use the device extensively need to postpone the update until there is free time to do it the right way. Other than the importance of that matter, understanding the initial preparation before the update is also crucial.

Prepping for the Update

There are several things to do before initiating this particular update to the older version of iOS. Regardless of the device in use, the preparation stage remains the same or very similar. Backing up the device is a must to keep everything from the old system. It avoids the time-consuming step of setting up the phone again after the update. Doing it every day will reduce the time to do it before updating.

Another thing to do is charge the device’s battery until at least 80% of its maximum capacity. It prevents the device from dying out during the update process. The one-hour estimation of how long does it take to update to iOS 14 is beneficial to know.

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