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Steps of How to Add Admin to Facebook Group (Plus the Useful Information to Know Beforehand)

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How to add admin to Facebook group? Facebook groups are already common as one of the tools for people with the same hobbies, interests, etc. to share their ideas. It eases people to connect with everyone with the same interest; hence they can be closer as they have the same intention by joining the group.

In making a Facebook group, you must have known that the group should be controlled by an admin. Furthermore, moderator is also taking the steer to run the group, although the capacity is less than what admin can do. Although dealing with a Facebook group is not a definite job that can help you make money, but still—it’s quite difficult to deal with one group. Here’s why sometimes groups need more than one admin.

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How to Add Admin to Facebook Group: Admin vs. Moderator

It is said that there are two kinds of ‘ruler’ in a Facebook group. First, it’s called as an admin, and the second is moderator. Before knowing how to add admin to Facebook group, let’s get acquainted with the difference of these terms in Facebook.

  • Admin

It is not exaggerating if people said that admin is the ‘king’ in that group. To give you one example, you must have known before that setting a group’s rule is one of the admin jobs. Anyone who complies with the rule can join the group after sending a request. Otherwise, admins can abort one’s request to join if they simply don’t comply with the rules set. Additionally, admins can kick someone if they’re seen to disturb the group.

  • Moderator
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When handling the group, sometimes an admin needs a helping hand due to his/her businesses in real life. That’s why moderator comes in—with the already set functions that are lesser than what admins can do.

The difference between admin and moderator can be seen in the list below:

  1. Admins can ‘recruit’ another member to become the group’s admin and/or moderator. Moderators cannot make another member as moderator, let alone making one member as admin.
  2. Admins can delete an admin and/or moderator. As you might have guessed, moderators cannot delete other moderator(s) and admin.
  3. Admins can change the settings of the Facebook group, such as changing the privacy settings, changing the group cover photo, and changing the group’s name. Moderators—in the other hand, cannot deal with these settings.

Aside from those three, moderators have the same strength to ‘work’ with the group. Therefore, you can rely on moderators to do these things, without even needing to know how to add admin to Facebook group beforehand:

  • Approving/denying posts that are requested to be put in the group wall.
  • Approving/denying someone’s membership demands.
  • Deleting/removing comments/posts in the group.
  • Pinning/unpinning a post.
  • Removing people from the group.

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How to Add Admin to Facebook Group: Things to Remember

Everyone can become an admin, given that there are no specific rules set by Facebook. Aside of knowing how to add admin to Facebook group, you need to make sure about some things before deciding on putting another person as the admin of the Facebook group.

  1. Make sure the person you appoint is active. You sure don’t want to share the work of handling the group to a wrong person.
  2. Make sure the person you appoint knows what to do with the group. Handling a group, especially a large one would require the person to know how to control things and use features in the group.
  3. Make sure that the person does not use a gray account.

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Step by Step of How to Add Admin to Facebook Group

Now that you know what is the difference between admins and moderator, as well as knowing what you should do before making someone as an admin/moderator, let’s go further into knowing how to add admin to Facebook group. It’s a simple procedure, everyone can do it easily.

  1. First of all, contact the person you want to appoint as admins. Will he/she be OK to become an admin? If the person consented to become an admin, you can proceed to do these steps of how to add admin to Facebook group.
  2. Login to your account to access your own account. Then, click on ‘Groups’ which is located in the left side of your page. Choose the group(s) that you need to add admins. Make sure you are adding admin(s) in groups where you are the admin itself. Otherwise, you cannot change the settings—even if you are a moderator in the group.
  3. Go to ‘Members’.
  4. Continue by searching up the name of the user that you would like to make him/her as an additional admin.
  5. Next to the name of the member, you will find a three-dot icon. Click on it, and select ‘Make admin’. Alternately, you can set the member to become a moderator by choosing ‘Make moderator’. If required, you can delete another admin from the board of admin as well.
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Once you completed this 5-step ‘how to add admin to Facebook group’ procedure, the next thing you can do is to wait. The person who will run the group together with you needs to accept the invitation first before being able to ‘work the job’ as admins.

After the person accepted the invitation to become an admin, the person can use the title to do the things mentioned before. That said, even the new admin can add and delete admin and members, too. That’s why you should know to whom you will trust the group to.

To sum up, before adding an admin to your Facebook group, you should know several aspects beforehand. First, you should consider whether to turn the person as an admin, or just the moderator of the group—their roles are a bit different. Then, know how well you can trust the person to become an admin for your group. Then, it is time to know how to add admin to Facebook group. Following the step-by-step above, you can add someone as admin (or maybe more) easily.

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