How to apply for YouTube copyright permission from the work owner

How to apply for YouTube copyright permission from the work owner

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Krisetya Tech- How to request youtube copyright permission from the owner of the work? Because it is very dangerous if we play reupload, but the creators of songs, video content and others complain to us. Therefore, for those who do not know, read this review to the end.

Copyright is an exclusive right granted to both the creator and the recipient of the rights. All this is to protect a person’s work, and of course that person can reproduce or publish his creation and can give permission or not to people who want to use his work.

So this is where it is important for you to register your work, all to protect and own a copyright that is specific to you to use.

I’m afraid if your content is created and turns out to be duplicated by someone, then that person registers to have an official license or copyright, then you can not take legal action.

On the other hand, if you have registered the copyright to your work, you will definitely be able to take legal action against those who use your work without permission.

So how do you apply for permission to use their copyrighted works? To find out the answer to this question, please read the review of this article to the end.

How to properly request YouTube copyright permission from the work owner

If you want to re-upload videos, music or the like on the Youtube platform, it may be considered a copyright infringement. Therefore, for the solution, you must first formally request permission from the YouTube copyright holder.

If you sign up as a YouTube account user and you agree to share content only in accordance with your publishing rights. However, if you post copyrighted material from a third party, or another video, you may share it provided you ask the owner’s permission.

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All this is to avoid violations of the terms of use YouTubewhile avoiding potential infringement, you must request permission for copyright before sharing the video.

So how do you get permission from the person who owns the copyright to his work? This is how?

Contact the YouTube Content Owner

Contact YouTube Content Owner

The first step is to apply until you find the email account or contact of the YouTube copyright owner. Usually found on the website, on the web there is a “Contact us” menu. However, if you find the video / music on another web site, you may want to send a private comment or chat privately to the owner.

Then track down the original content owner

Then follow the original content owner

So the next method of copyright for YouTube, if the content you get is not directly from the content owner, it would be nice for you to track down the original content owner first. If it comes from a TV show, band or movie. The point is, you need to find as much detailed information as possible about the label or contact the licensee for his work.

3. Email with full language for courtesy

Full language email for courtesy

The next step in requesting a YouTube copyright license is, please send an email, please explain in detail that you want to upload videos to your YouTube channel and the reasons for this.

The point is not to cover anything for personal gain. If you do not get revenue from your Youtube channel even though it uses songs or videos from them because the number of subscribers is small and there are no ads.

The note you need to make is if you are allowed to use the work of people who are already licensed to use the work rights as best you can, and if you do not get permission, never force yourself to continue using that person’s work.

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4. Save call results

Please save call results

Then save any answers you receive, because at some point you may need to view them at a later time. All of this is to prove that the copyright owner has given you permission and has given permission to publish the video you uploaded.

5. Do not forget to include the content source

Then an equally important step is to include a watermark for the YouTube channel name from your content. If someone uses the source from the original owner.

All this is meant if there are people who want to create their content from your videos. Then they will directly contact who the original owner is and they can ask for permission individually or in groups.

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