How to buy Dominoes at Shopee, the latest easy and safe 2022

How to buy Dominoes at Shopee, the latest easy and safe 2022

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Krisetya Tech- There is a game called Higgs Chip Domino. This game is quite popular these days because there are many variations of the game in this game. Are you a fan of this game?

In this game there is such a thing as a chip. To play, collect as many chips as possible by refilling.

This article will discuss how to buy or top up dominoes at Shopee. In order not to miss the information, let’s follow the discussion.

Info on Higgs Chip Domino games

Info on Higgs Chip Domino games

Higgs Domino is a game with a game system that can be played online. This game has many fans, especially from the Indonesian people. This can be seen from the number of users who download this game, there are more than 50 million people.

This Higgs Domino game is similar to a gambling game because in each of the game choices almost everyone uses a betting system. The difference is that these games are played online.

Because the game system applies, the losing player will lose because his money will be taken by the winning player. The money used in this effort must of course be replenished with real money.

Types of games in Higgs Domino

In this Higgs Domino application you can play many types of games. From gaple card games or dominoes, to playing card games or poker.

If you open this game application, you will be presented with a first screen with icons at the bottom right. The icons show the games you can play.

Most of the existing games are still related to domino card games or poker card games. However, there are other games that are more relaxed and easier than the two main card games.

This second game is suitable for those of you who have just started playing Higgs Domino. Here is a list of games other than cards that you can play.

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Ludo | Domino Chips

Ludo games in this app can also be played online. Later you will play with three players who are your opponents. If you do not want to play with more than one person, you can also play with just one person.

Like the game of ludo in general, you and your opponent will play with four pawns or pawns. These pawns have different colors so you can see if your opponent is in your territory.

The player who will be considered the winner is the player who managed to circle the game area once and return to your base. If all your farmers have entered their respective bases, the fastest will be declared the winner.

To be able to run a pawn you can mix the dice. So your pawn will run according to the number of dice that come out. If there are farmers belonging to your opponent around your base, you can also eat them by being in the same area.

How | Domino Chips

Like hacking games in general, this type of game also uses poker cards. This game is quite simple, but also requires good tricks and guessing.

At the beginning of the game, each player will receive a card, and one by one will issue their cards according to the cards that have been discarded previously. If there is a player who does not have the card, he must take the card by “hoing”.

The player who has issued the card with the highest number has the right to discard the next card from his own. The person who can complete their cards first will be declared the winner.

Map 41 | Domino Chips

This game is played by 4 people. As the name implies, each player must try to collect cards of a kind with a total of 41 points. The details of the number of points on the cards include that American cards are valued at 11 points, J, Q and K. the cards are valued at 10 points, and the other cards have points according to the numbers listed.

Players will receive five cards and they must collect all sufficient cards until the number is 41. How to play, each will take and discard cards in turn and the player who meets 41 the fastest will be considered the winner.

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Room 5 cards | Domino Chips

5 Card Room is included in the domino card game. Here you will play with four opponents. At the beginning of the game, each player will receive the same number of cards.

The playing method is the same as gaple in general, namely by issuing cards that match the number of cards issued. The game ends when one of the players has completed all of his cards.

Dam | Domino Chips

This one game is a little different from the previous ones because this game is a board game. There are two farmers who are black and white. So there will be two players playing in this game.

Players must eat the opponent’s pawns if they want to win this game. The trick, you can move the road by crossing. If the player has run out of pawns, the game is declared closed.

Riddles | Domino Chips

Who does not know puzzles? probably already familiar with this one game. The models in this game are puzzle merge plus and crazy number.

In merge plus you have to select the puzzle pieces you want to subtract or add the numbers to the squares. When it comes to wrong numbers, you have to make puzzle pieces to merge.

At first glance, this game is quite simple, but it requires strategy with imagination. You must also take into account all the possibilities that will happen. This game will be finished when there is no room to remove the puzzle pieces.

Load Dominoes on Shopee

Load Dominoes on Shopee

As already explained, this game requires chips bought with real money. If you want to follow the bet, you have to buy it or top up first.

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One of the easiest ways to buy chips is through the shopee. Follow the steps below to understand how to top up chips at Shopee.

  1. Make sure the shopee application is installed on your mobile phone.
  2. then you can log in with the phone number or email registered with your shopee account.
  3. Then click on the top of the search and enter Chip Dominoes.
  4. later, more stores will appear that sell domino refills. You can choose one of them.
  5. In that case, you just need to check out by clicking on the shopping cart button at the top right and clicking on the check out button.
  6. After that you will be referred for delivery. You can provide a notice or notice to the seller regarding your Higgs Domino account information.
  7. All you have to do is pay according to the method you want.

The last word

That was all for our discussion this time about the Higgs Domino chip refill. Hopefully it can help you buy chips easily. Thank you for following the discussion on Chip Dominoes and see you in the next article.

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