How to change Android emoji to iPhone, easy 100% work

How to change Android emoji to iPhone, easy 100% work

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Krisetya Tech- You can turn Android emojis into iPhone emoticons, and many people have. There are several options for doing this and then how. So if you are curious and interested in this, then the solution can be seen in the following information.

When we talk about emoji, of course, there is no end because the emoticons in smartphones are very different. But of course, the emojis in Android devices will be different from the iPhone emoticons. The reason is that iPhone emoticons are more interesting than Android emojis. This is obviously very different because the specifications of the iPhone are superior to Android devices.

Even now, Android users want a lot of money and are looking for ways to make the emojis on the keyboard look like iPhone emoticons. In fact, iPhone emoticons are very interesting, so it’s only natural that Android users want them. Now in this advanced era, you do not have to worry about it because the article is very easy to do.

Being able to change Android emoji to iPhone is now very easy to do, and there are even several options or tools that can help. Using these tools or options, the emojis on your keyboard will look like the screen on your iPhone. Yes, even if it’s just emojis, but you can at least feel how to use emoticons on this iPhone.

So how do you change the Android emoji to look like the iPhone screen. If you are curious, you do not have to look far for information on other sites. Just read and pay attention to this one article and you will get the information. For that, let’s take a look at the discussion we will explain below.

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What makes Android Emoji for iPhone?

What makes Android Emoji for iPhone

Previously, you need to know in advance that emoji is one of the tools or things you can use when chatting. People use emojis to color the chat they are doing. Because with emoji, they can express the situation when they chat.

But sometimes Android users often feel tired of the emoji screen which is just that. For this reason, people want a new look, namely emojis that are similar to the iPhone or iOS. So it can be interpreted that changing Android emoji to iPhone is an attempt to decorate your emoticon buttons to make them more new and interesting.

With emojis, the iPhone screen makes chatting even more fun, even if people think you’re using one or one of the iOS users. To be able to do this, you must of course need an additional option, one of which is to be able to use an application. And in this era of globalization, there are many applications that can change Android emojis to become like iPhones. And examples of these applications are kika keyboard and zfont.

Because using the two applications above, you can easily get the iPhone emoticon. In fact, many people have done so, so do not be surprised if these two applications are hunted by Android users who want iPhone emojis.

How to do it is definitely free, but it’s easy to use. So, are you curious about how? If so, and you are reading this article, you are the right person. Below we will show you how to use the application to be able to change Android emojis to iPhone. For that, take a good look at the discussion below.

2 ways to turn Android emojis into iPhone

2 ways to turn Android emojis into iPhone

As we have explained that there are two applications you can use to have an emoticon like iPhone. This application is already known for its features, so it’s only natural that we suggest you try it. No need to linger any longer for those of you who are curious about how, so immediately follow the steps below.

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Using the Kika Keyboard app

The Kika keyboard is one of the main applications you can use to convert Android emojis to iPhones. The reason is that with this application you can feel how the emoticons are displayed on the iOS device. Even how to do it is very simple and easy, so everyone can make it.

Of course, you can not wait, will not immediately figure out how. Immediately you can immediately see and then follow the instructions that we will share below. Be sure to follow the steps correctly so that you can successfully get the iPhone emoticon.

  • First, download the application through the playstore or app store
  • If successful, wait a while because the download platform will install the application
  • If you have, you can go directly into the Kika keyboard application
  • Then you will be shown the main page of this application
  • Then you can choose an emoji to change
  • Then click on the emoji and wait for the application to change it
  • The latest emoji has been changed to the iPhone screen
  • Good luck

2. Using the Zfont app

Then the next application, namely Zfont, because this platform is also an option that can convert Android emojis to iPhones. This application is also quite popular with editors or emoji modifiers, and even the way to create it is very easy to do. So how do you change the emoji to look like the iPhone emoticon screen with this application.

Do not worry, because on this occasion we blog Samudranesia, will provide a guide. So for those of you who are curious and immediately want to change the look of the emoji, please follow the complete guide we have provided below.

  • Your first step is to download Zfont via the Playstore or App Store
  • Install the application correctly so that it can be run or used
  • If an alert appears, just click allow
  • Then you can go directly into the application
  • Then just select the emoji menu on the main page
  • If you have selected iOS emoji and download it directly into it
  • When done, select the install button
  • Then personalize your Android phone with the iPhone emoji that will be selected
  • Then select the auto button
  • Later, iPhone emojis will be downloaded automatically
  • The latest iPhone emoji you’ve been able to get
  • Good luck
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How to change Android emoji to iPhone work?

Is how to change Android Emoji to iPhone Work

After knowing the ways, this will surely do it right away, right? But you have to wonder if the method above works or not. According to the information we received, the method above is often done by people when they want to get the iPhone emoticon. This means that this method can be the main option to be able to convert Android emojis to iPhones.

To work or not, you can just try it. Prove yourself if you want an emoticon screen like iPhone. Make sure you follow the steps correctly when doing so. Good luck to you who want to do it and good luck.


It’s all the information we can provide on how to change Android emoji to iPhone, it’s guaranteed to be easy, convenient and free. For those of you who have read this article, we thank you, hopefully the information above can be useful for all of us.

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