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How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone: Easy Methods to Hack iPhone Snooze Time

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How to change snooze time on iPhone? If you are looking for the procedure, then you made a right decision by visiting this page. Do you find yourself frequently hit that snooze button involuntarily? Well, that is not only the problem of yours. Many people are doing the same—alarm seems to be a nuisance for their hard-earned sleep!

But that’s not what we’re going to talk about in this article. Do you ever realize that, compared to Android phones, iPhones have no options to set the snooze time? It seems to be a default thing in iOS that snoozing the alarm means you have to spend defaulted several minutes before another alarm go off for the second time. How many minutes is the snooze and how to change snooze time on iPhone? Let’s talk about it further.

Understanding How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone: What’s Snooze, Anyway?

Snoozing your alarm means you refuse to wake up for another several minutes. It can also be defined as the interval between one alarm and another before the second alarm goes off.

If you have had Android phone before and you ever used its alarm feature, you probably knew that Android offers their users some snoozing intervals. Typically, Android alarms have 5, 10, 15 and it goes up until 30 minutes—with the interval of 5 minutes. You can set it according to your need at the time you make the alarm, or simply when the alarm goes off in the later version of Android.

In contrary, it is quite hard to set the snooze on iPhone alarm, since the alarm has no snoozing interval option to choose from. It means, you have only the default interval when you snooze the alarm. In general, iPhone makes it default that the snooze time in each alarm is 9 minutes, and it is unchangeable.

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However, it doesn’t mean you can hack it out and trying some methods to change the snooze. Continue reading to get around the iPhone’s default 9-minute snoozing with these two methods of how to change snooze time on iPhone.

How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone: Turning Off the Snooze, Setting Several Alarms

The first method of how to change snooze time on iPhone you can opt to do is by setting many alarms with several intervals without turning on that snooze toggle button. This will enable you to have no snoozing and the alarm will go off after the designated interval. Plus, you can have as many alarms as possible to wake you up from your deep sleep.

In order to do this method, the procedure will be as follows:

  1. On your phone, open the Clock app. Then, tap on ‘Alarm’, which is located on the lower side of the page.
  2. Tap the + button, placed on the upper right side of the page. Then, create a new alarm by setting your preferred time to wake up. For sample purpose, let’s say 6:00 AM.
  3. As mentioned earlier, disable the snooze button to stop the 9-minute snoozing when the alarm goes off.
  4. Save the newly-set alarm.
  5. Then, add another alarm with additional interval time. To do that, simply do the same methods: tap the + button and set your time to wake up with your desired interval. For example, you want to add 10 minutes interval—hence you make a new wake-up alarm in 6:10 AM.
  6. Remember to not enabling the snooze button.
  7. Save the second alarm.
  8. Add any additional alarm with various intervals that you like. Don’t forget to turn off the snooze button before saving the new alarm.
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How to Change Snooze Time on iPhone: Using Downloadable Third-Party Alarm App

If you don’t feel like making many alarms just to wake you up, yet still feel disturbed for being unable to change the snoozing interval, consider to have a third-party alarm app. Although it doesn’t directly give you the answer of how to change snooze time on iPhone, downloading a third-party alarm can help you to have more features—not only to set a longer/shorter snooze interval.

Before downloading a specific app to begin with, you better read some online articles about which alarm application that you should use. There are lots of applications that offer alarm as the main feature; and knowing the additional features will assist you to choose one.

For some examples, there are alarms that don’t provide customizable alarm snooze only as its beneficial feature but also these things below:

  • Increasing volume of alarm sound gently in order to wake you up.
  • Hosting a ‘game’ that helps you to get out of bed, such as taking a photograph of your bedroom or completing a math problem. Quite annoying, yet many admit that the game has been proven effective to help them get up.
  • Tracking your sleep cycle.

Of course, there are lots of possibilities that you can find as you browse more and more apps to use. Downloading a third-party alarm app becomes an ultimate answer to how to change snooze time on iPhone since the snooze interval in many third-party alarm apps is a common feature. You can set the interval—commonly up to 20 or 30 minutes.

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You may wonder why on earth the question of how to change snooze time on iPhone is not possible and why the alarm must have specific 9-minute snooze.

Well, the reason behind it is pretty classic. According to a source, Apple refers to the old-fashioned alarm clocks. The gears in old alarm clocks aren’t capable to surpass 10-minute snooze. Added by the fact that most people will directly fall back to their deep sleep after 10 minutes, the number 9 plays a big role to wake them up after the plus-time.

To sum it up, there are two methods to answer your question of how to change snooze time on iPhone alarms. First, you can set several additional alarms to help you to avoid sleeping too long. The second method is by downloading a third-party alarm app. By doing any of these methods, you can avoid having too much additional time for reaching back the dreamland.

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