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How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook Easily?

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Many people have asked the question of how to change your birthday on Facebook. It sounds ridiculous indeed that you need to change your birthday because it is obviously never changed from the day you were born. However, some people probably made their Facebook account in hassle, and back then they just enter the random day as their birthday.

Now, they want to change the birthday, probably into the real one. Can they, though? Well, thankfully they can, and these are the methods you can use to change your birthday on Facebook or even hide the date of birth entirely (something that private person wants to do, of course). Keep reading and you won’t wonder about how to change your birthday on Facebook anymore.

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Steps on How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook

Changing your birthday on Facebook is allowed by the system. If back then you are taking the date of birth for granted, and you just put random date and now suddenly people wish your happy birthday on the date that’s not actually your birthday date, you can end it all now. This is the method on how to change the DOB on Facebook. Do this, and you won’t get confused about how to change your birthday on Facebook anymore.

  1. Open Facebook and Login to Your Account
    It all starts by opening the Facebook website and then you need to login to your account. Usually, you will be asked to enter your registered email address or your phone number. Then, you type in the password.
  2. Go to “Profile”
    Once you are logged in to your Facebook account, go to your profile. If you are using Facebook on desktop, the profile section is located on the top right side of the screen.
  3. Select “About”
    Now, you need to click “About”. This section contains all the information about yourself including your date of birth. Click on it and you will be able to find the section to change your date of birth.
  4. Click “Contact and Basic Information”
    On the right side of the screen, there will be your date of birth displayed. Underneath your date of birth, there will be an option saying “Contact and Basic Information”. Click on that particular option to change the date of birth.
  5. Scroll and Find the “Edit” Icon
    Find the edit icon to start editing the birthday. The edit icon is indicated with the pencil-like icon. Once you find it, you can start changing the birthday into your real date of birth.
  6. Edit the Date of Birth
    Edit the date of birth now. Enter the date, the month and then the year correctly, if you prefer. Then, you should be able to get proper birthday messages on the actual birthday.
  7. Click “Save”
    Once you are done editing the date of birth, click on “Save”. That is basically what you need to do to change the DOB. Now the question of how to change your birthday on Facebook is answered.


How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook or Hide It Entirely

Some people are very keen in hiding their DOB on Facebook. Sometimes they really want to go under the radar, and do not want people to fill their Facebook wall with happy birthday messages. Date of birth can be concealed from your profile, though. This way, people won’t find out when your birthday is. Follow these steps and you won’t be asking about how to change your birthday on Facebook anymore as it will be hidden entirely.

  1. Open Your Facebook Profile
    It all the same with the previous tutorial, you need to start by opening your Facebook profile after logging in, of course. After you are done, you will be able to enter your profile and go to the next step.
  2. Click on “About”
    To hide your date of birth, you need to head to “About”. This section contains the personal information about you and your account, including the date of birth.
  3. Click “Contact and Basic Information”
    To hide the date of birth, you need to click on the “Contact and Basic Information” option located underneath the date of birth on your profile.
  4. Find Edit Icon and Click Drop-down menu
    Now, find the edit icon. It is the one with the pencil icon. There will be a drop-down menu that says “Audience selector”.
  5. Click on Audience Selector
    You need to click on the audience selector. If you wish to completely hide your date of birth from public view, select the birthday setting into “Only Me”. It means that only you that can see the birthday. Your friends on Facebook and anyone in general won’t be able to see your birthday.
  6. Click “Save”
    The last thing to do is to click “Save”. Now, you won’t have to wonder about how to change your birthday on Facebook as your DOB is completely concealed from public view by now.


How Many Times Can I Change My Birthday on Facebook?

Date of birth is actually something that you should not joke around with. However, with Facebook, it is still eligible to change your date of birth several times. Therefore, besides the answer to how to change your birthday on Facebook, you also need to know how many times you can change this date on Facebook.

The answer is three times. Many people have tried changing their DOB more than three times and it does not work anymore. It is considered the same as the name changing. You cannot change your name on Facebook more than three times. Back then, it was more than three times, but now it is limited to that number.

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Well, that is all you need to know about Facebook, and the date of birth display. You can do whatever you want with it now. You can display your birthday openly, or just hide it entirely from public view. With the information above, now you won’t be questioning about how to change your birthday on Facebook.

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