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How to Clean Mouse and Maintain Its Best Performance or Function?

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Anyone who uses a computer or laptop every day needs to know how to clean mouse. A dirty mouse will reduce its performance and function for sure. Without a doubt, it can eventually become unusable anymore after a while. In this case, the way to perform the cleaning and the tools plus materials for the cleaning are all pivotal. Surprisingly, it requires some easy-to-find stuff to do this in no time.

The Necessary Things on How to Clean Mouse

Few things are okay to incorporate for cleaning a computer mouse. You must prepare alcohol wipes, canned air, toothpicks, and some paper towels. All of those are enough already to perform the proper cleaning of any mouse. They are easy to find and cheap enough to purchase. More importantly, they are also handy to clean the mouse pad as well.

The Correct Cleaning for any Mouse

The thing to do in the first place is to disconnect the mouse from any laptop or computer. Both wired and wireless mice need to be in an off state before the cleaning. For a wireless mouse, the battery inside the device needs to be put away as well. Once the item is not functioning, it is time to go through the how-to clean mouse the right way.

To prevent the dirt from falling on the table, lay down the paper towel on the surface. Start the computer mouse cleaning by spraying the canned air to the device. It eliminates all dirt that lies on the exterior surface of the item. The next thing to do is to use the toothpick to clean the tricky sections. Pick all the dirt out of the tiny areas in between parts of the mouse carefully.

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how to clean mouse

After finishing with the toothpick, use the canned air to blow the dirt all away once again. That will be enough to wipe anything that may hinder the functionality of the mouse. The next step is to use the alcohol wipes to clean the surface entirely. Nevertheless, avoid cleaning the battery compartment of a wireless mouse using this thing. Instead, use a towel or other soft fabric to handle this area.

Next, make sure the device is dry before checking it. If some dirt remains, do the whole process over again until it is clean and sleek. A top-notch additional step is to protect the surface from dirt to stick to it. To do this, use any form of a polishing spray that has silicone in it. Spray it to the soft fabric and apply it to the entire surface of the device. That will make the surface look shiny and clean.

Do not forget to clean the wires as well if it is a wired computer mouse. Moreover, sweeping the surface of the mouse pad is also necessary on this matter. Once everything is ready, plug the device back into the computer or laptop. Feel the significant difference after the steps of how to clean mouse and how it is before cleaning.

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