create table in wordpress without plugin

How to Create Table in WordPress without Plugin

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A WordPress becomes CMS with the largest users in the world. If it is compared to another CMS, it is leading from all fields. However, from its superiorities, it has no standard features, a table in the page post. The solution is that you must make it with script coding or using a plugin from a third party. How to create table in WordPress without plugin becomes the alternative way on making a table.

A table on WordPress with Plugin 

Before you install a plugin, it is better to see the discussion about the list of plugins that you must install. Besides you know the weaknesses of a plugin on WordPress, it is burdening the performance of the hosting server. Thus, if you select it well about the functions of the installed plugin. However, it is better to select the ways of making a table without a plugin. Plugin table is afraid of burdening and fulfilling space on the hosting.

create table in wordpress without plugin

The Ways on Creating a Table in WordPress without Plugin 

Before you start to create table on WordPress without the plugin, it is better to know at least 3 HTML tags that you use for making a table. Those are <table>, <tr> and <td>.

The explanation of those tags are;

  • Tag <table> is used when you start to make a table in WordPress
  • Tag <tr> is the length of the table row in which the function is to make a table line.
  • Tag <td> is the length of table data in which the function is to input data in the table.

Don’t forget to make a slide line on the HTML tag using a closing tag, for example, <table> </table>, <tr> </tr> dan <td> </td>.

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To make a table in wordpress, you should follow the following steps. You should login to your wordpress account. Then, on the dashboard wordpress, you select post and add new. On a dashboard post, if your wordpress has updated to a new version, you just click on the plus icon on the top corner spot and select HTML custom. Then, it is time to add HTML custom on the post. Then, it appears 2 menus, HTML and preview. Then, you add script coding on the HTML menu. To see the result, you can click on Preview menu. The example of script coding can be <table border=”1″ width=”100%” bgcolor=”#000000″>



<td style=”text-align: center;” align=”center” valign=”top” bgcolor=”#DEB887″ width=”auto”><strong><span style=”color: #000000;”>No</span></strong></td>.

If you have entered it, you publish and check it. A checking process is useful to know it is successful or not.

The ways are so easy to do. You just custom based on the needed table. To make an interesting table, you can add some HTML codes like the top example. Those are borders, colours, text-align, and the others. Don’t forget to consider the website loading speed for the visitors’ comfort. You can do the ways on how to create a table in WordPress without plugin. You can apply those steps well ordered to make the right table on WordPress.

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