How to easily register with Maxim Food and Shop Partners via application

How to easily register with Maxim Food and Shop Partners via application

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Krisetya Tech- Here you can easily try to order food at Maxim Food. But before that, follow the Maxim Food Partner registration method so that everything can be done easily.

For now, the need to order food does not have to bother going directly to restaurants, just place an order through the online function a few minutes later, the order can be delivered. It’s really that simple, it’s the same as using the Maxim Food application.

Always provide the best service for their loyal customers, all you need to do is prepare a smartphone and then connect it directly to Maxim Food for all types of food. It will be delivered to the front page of your website according to the distance and destination to be traveled.

Along with the development, it has now collaborated a lot with fast food entrepreneurs, so it is only natural that you have used the Maxim Food food delivery service and for those of you who do not know how to use it.

Stay here with us and then just read the whole peel until it’s done, because the admin will tell you all the tips and uses so that your favorite food orders can soon reach your door.

What is Maxim Food Online?

What is Maxim Food Online

The network facility in the form of maxim food is a tool on the internet that delivers services, where the working line itself is the delivery of ready-made food directly according to the area of ​​each partner district.

Now, for those of you who do overtime work either in offices, in the field and so on, when you experience a rumbling stomach, you can only use the online maxim food service. Convenient and very effective as an efficiency to delay your hungry stomach, friend.

Once you have sent a notice of food ordering via maxim food, the driver will at that moment immediately move to adjust the consumer’s food order. There you just have to wait for an order from the agile driver for Maxim Food Application.

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Choose a menu of dishes that are in the nearest restaurant, cafe or any eatery around the city where you live that has a delicious and even taste to eat. Because all of them will have benefits in the form of very valuable monetary benefits.

Maxim Food drivers get a commission, the food seller can sell while you as a customer can get full with the food order. Moreover, if the expansion of benefits is added, even if they develop at a rapid pace, it is hoped that everyone will prosper.

Maxim Food App features

Maxim Food App features

Before you all, you will download the maxim food application directly, as a facilitator to offer online food ordering services. Mimin will tell you some of the benefits of it.

1. Fast food ordering process

If you have installed or installed the maxim food application on your respective smartphones, the convenience is to be able to order food that is ready to eat immediately.

You only need to specify the settings in the application, what type of food to order, at which restaurant or café, it is fully available on Maxim Food 2022 Apk, friend.

2. Buy and quick response

You must know that for partners who have officially joined, especially in the maxim food application, they have of course gone through quality fulfillment, namely in terms of terms and conditions.

So that it can be confirmed that the readiness of these partners is very professional, and it is possible that the purchasing process and response is very fast.

3. Delivery service until midnight

Maxim Food dares to claim that their services are open to the public, even open orders for services to deliver ready-made food until midnight without exception. The proof is the drivers’ preparedness.

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The following is the strength of the maxim food online system that is always ready on time, including partners who try to keep the taste of food delicious and tasty for you to enjoy.

How to download the Maxim Food application

How to download the Maxim Food application

So, for those of you who are looking for the latest maxim food application, it is actually very simple, but if you feel that you are still a little confused about where to take and install it, here we will convey the download link.

Maxim Food Apk Link Link >> Fouad WhatsApp

As for the process of installing and installing this maxim food application, the steps are still exactly the same when installing apk in general.

Registration terms for Maxim Food (partners)

Registration terms for Maxim Food (partners)

For those of you as consumers, we have explained a bit about the flow of ordering food through maxim, directly above, but only as an illustration. In the meantime, for those of you who want to join as partners, the conditions are very simple, friends.

  1. Fill in the city name form
  2. Fill in the name of the restaurant or business you run.
  3. Describe your type of restaurant or food business.
  4. How many branches are already in operation?
  5. How many consumer seats or package ready are there in the category delivery system.
  6. Name of business owner.
  7. Email number that is still active.
  8. Fill in your full address or place of residence for your own home.
  9. Enter a Google Maps point.
  10. Provide operating days.
  11. The following menu list is also with the price.
  12. Pictures of ready meals and other necessities that you want to sell.
  13. Dealer logo.

While the sub-regions that are official and can register your business include, Mimin has collected the names of the regions in all regions of Indonesia.

Those who have not registered can be re-evaluated by the team from Maxim Food.

  • Jakarta (Jakarta)
  • Attack (Banten)
  • Pekanbaru (Riau)
  • Palu (Central Sulawesi)
  • Pontianak (West Kalimantan)
  • Surakarta (Central Java)
  • Tasikmalaya (West Java)
  • Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta)
  • Jambi (Jambi)
  • Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi)
  • Palangkaraya (Central Kalimantan)
  • Palembang (South Sumatra)
  • Batam (Riau Islands)
  • Sabang (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)
  • Samarinda (East Kalimantan)
  • Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan)
  • Sabang (Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam)
  • Samarinda (East Kalimantan)
  • Semarang (Central Java)
  • BalikPapan (East Kalimantan)
  • Makassar (South Sulawesi)
  • Malang (East Java)
  • Manado (North Sulawesi)
  • Medan (North Sumatra)
  • Padang (West Sumatra)
  • Cilegon (Banten)
  • Denpasar (Bali)
  • West Java Bandung)
  • Banda Aceh (Aceh)
  • Bandar Lampung (Lampung)
  • Bengkulu (Bengkulu)
  • Singkawang (West Kalimantan)
  • Papua (Jayapura)
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How to register as a Maxim Food Online Partner

How to register as a Maxim Food Online Partner

If you are able to know the general requirements for registration as a maximum food partner, but you still do not know exactly how to register as an official food partner. You can pay attention to the following steps.

  1. You first connect the device to the Internet network.
  2. Then open the browser section and go to
  3. And keep clicking the “Submit Application” button.
  4. Fill out all the registration forms available there.
  5. Press the ‘Confirm’ button while also clicking ‘Submit’.
  6. Now in that section you fill in all the data that is really needed.
  7. Like the terms and conditions that we just mentioned above.
  8. For more information please ask Address: Jalan Dr. Saharjo No. 104B, Menteng Atas, Setiabudi, South Jakarta 12960.
  9. Phone number: (021) 39 700 226
  10. Email: [email protected]

The last word

It was a brief glimpse of the information I can convey regarding How to sign up for the latest Maxim Food 2022.

Hopefully I can give a very useful treat for you all, thank you very much and see you again …

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