how to fix corrupted SD card on Android

How to Fix a Corrupted SD Card on Android and Keep Everything?

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Some people find it beneficial to know how to fix corrupted SD card on Android. It is pivotal because it prevents them from losing everything on that card. Unfortunately, it often leads to data loss when fixing this issue. Nevertheless, there is a way to deal with this issue without losing anything.

Before attempting to fix this issue, it is best to understand the signs that the card is in trouble. Of course, the card will not work the right way when it is about to experience this issue. When that happens, it is best to connect the card to a computer or laptop and perform a diagnostic. It is easy to do that by using the available commands in Windows. There are various applications available to do this and to fix the issue later on.

To check a corrupted SD card using Windows, connect it to the computer in the first place. Once it is available in the Explorer menu, Right Click on it and select Properties. Find the Tools tab or menu and click on it. After that, click the Check menu on the screen and wait for the diagnostic process. After the screening process, understand the available information and close that particular tool. Restarting the computer and reconnecting the card will perform the simple fix afterward.

how to fix corrupted SD card on Android

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card on Android Correctly?

Unfortunately, there are not many options to perform this kind of fix without third-party apps. Many handy tools will help Android users in doing this thing. TuneUp Utilities, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and Hard Disk Sentinel are some of the popular choices for this thing. Each one of those apps offers its tools and services to consider accordingly. Therefore, how to fix corrupted SD card on Android is a considerably tricky thing to do.

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The best thing to do is to prevent the Android SD card issue from happening at all. It is easy to spot some signs and symptoms when this issue is about to happen. If the device slows down when accessing the files on the card, that is one sign. It is best to perform some countermeasures immediately following that symptom. Connecting the card to a computer and creating a backup for everything is the best thing to do.

Unfortunately, it often happens without any sign or symptom at all. All of a sudden, the card does not show up on the File Manager of the device. When that happens, checking it using a computer is a must. If it does not show up either on the computer, go for the choices of handy applications to deal with this matter. It is best to create a backup regularly as a kind of preventive measure for this problem.

One option to fix this problem easily is to disconnect and reconnect the card the right way. Restarting the phone when the card is not connected may help with this. The last resource on how to fix corrupted SD card on Android is to contact professionals on it.

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