how to fix black screen on Android phone

How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phone and What Cause It?

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There is no easy way on how to fix black screen on Android phone. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more understanding of the system to deal with that problem. Nevertheless, it remains possible to handle it at home. Keep in mind that it is crucial to let the professionals deal with it when the problem persists. The fundamental factor in dealing with this problem is to access the system through the correct power cycle and startup. How to do that the right way?

how to fix black screen on Android phone

How to Fix Black Screen on Android Phone by Force Restart

The simplest way to deal with the Android phone black screen issue is to perform a force restart. Any owner and user of an Android device needs to know how to do this. There is no need to use any tool to do this method. Depending on the make and model of the device, it requires a different set of buttons to press. The default combination involves pressing and holding the power, home, and volume button. After a few seconds, the device will restart and back to its normal state.

Other devices may not have the same buttons on them. Therefore, it takes a bit of a different approach to do it. Pressing and holding both the power and home buttons at the same time will be enough on some devices. On some other models, a manual turn-off and on simultaneously will do the job. As long as the system responds to this thing, the issue will be there no more. That is the way on how to fix black screen on Android phone. It has to be the first workaround before attempting to do anything else.

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The Cause of Black Screen Issue on Android

Knowing the simple way to fix this issue is a good thing. Yet, it remains crucial to understand the causes of this issue in the first place. When it comes to a system like Android, there are limitless possibilities that lead to system crash or failure. Of course, there are ways to prevent that from happening as well.

Among the causes of black screen problems on Android is software incompatibility. Installing an application that is not compatible with the device will lead to this matter. It happens when the user attempts to run the software. Therefore, after performing the force restart, it is best to uninstall that particular app to prevent this issue later on. It is best to install compatible applications on the device. The Google Play Store is the best place to check if an app is okay to install or not.

Another simple issue that leads to a black screen is low memory and storage space in the device. Some users do not pay attention to this matter. Too many apps and items that use both memory and storage will overwhelm the system. At some points, the system will experience a black screen. It is best to keep at least 10% free space of the storage space and memory of the device. All in all, it is always beneficial to know how to fix black screen on Android phone.

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