how to install windows after replacing hard drive

How to Install Windows After Replacing Hard Drive Using USB

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After replacing your hard drive, you need to know how to install windows after replacing hard drive. You can do it by using a USB drive with the software within.

how to install windows after replacing hard drive

Boot Your PC Up

To start the process, you need to boot up your PC from the USB driver. The methods might be different from one to another PC. The point is that you need to turn on your PC first and then pressing the necessary keys to boot up from your USB drive.

Continue the Process

Now, you will find the Startup Menu. It means that the process can be continued by choosing the Boot Device. The process of how to install windows after replacing hard drive can be continued by simply pressing F9.

Choose Your USB Drive

Now, you will see that you have the access to your USB drive. You can use the arrow keys for choosing the USB drive that contains the operating system software. Do not forget to press the Enter button on your keyboard to continue the process. Sometimes, you will find two options of Windows setup because your USB has both choices.

Choose the Operating System

It will not be a big problem if your USB drive only comes with one version of Windows setup. When there are two versions available, you need to choose the right one. However, it will not be that complicated. You can try to choose the 64-bit version. The process can be continued if there is no error message appearing. If you get the error message, you can simply start the process again before you can choose the 32-bit version that might be the most suitable choice for your PC. There is no need to worry so much about how to install windows after replacing hard drive with disk, after all.

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Adjust the Setup and Choose Install Now

After choosing the Windows setup that can be compatible with your PC, the next screen of Windows Setup will appear. It means that there is no problem with installing the Windows version on your PC. The new screen appearing will allow you to choose some setups including the region and the language you will use on your PC. After choosing the region and language, you just need to choose to Install Now to continue the process.

Agree on the Term and Condition and Install Windows Only

Of course, it will be strange if you do not find any Term and Condition screen during the process. You can read the term and conditions carefully before you can continue the process. It is all about the privacy aspect. If there is no problem at all, you can check the box to accept the terms and conditions so you can continue the process by clicking Next. After choosing the Custom: Install Windows only, you can find your hard drive or SSD. You can set up your computer partitions if there are any and choose Next to install everything. The end of how to install windows after replacing hard drive will be when you find the screen that asks you to ensure about the region.

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