How to pay Shopee via SMS Banking BRI, Mandiri, BNI, BCA, etc.

How to pay Shopee via SMS Banking BRI, Mandiri, BNI, BCA, etc.

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Krisetya Tech- Shopee currently offers payment facilities in the form of SMS banking. SMS-bank is a banking offer that aims to make it easier for users to make online transactions. Then later you can pay Shopee via SMS bank to pay down the order payment.

In fact, there are many payment methods in Shopee including via ATMs / banks, Alfamart / Indomart mini markets. mobile banking and others.

But compared to others, the use of SMS banking is more convenient. because the payment process does not require an internet connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of paying Shopee via SMS Banking

Advantages and disadvantages of paying Shopee via SMS Banking

The use of SMS banking is absolutely inseparable from the advantages and disadvantages, whether due to supplier or banking factors.

Therefore, you need to find out and study it so that the SMS banking transaction process can go smoothly.

The following are Shopee overpayments via SMS bank:

Can make payments without internet connection.

So Shopee payment method via SMS bank is suitable for those of you who live in remote areas.

In addition, this method is a solution for you who live in areas with low internet quality or have problems getting an internet connection.

If you are in such a state, you can use SMS banking to make online payments, without having to move to places to get a good internet connection.

You do not have to go to the bank.

You only need to make a transaction via smartphone, when a notification comes in the form of an SMS that tells you how much payment must be paid off.

All this can be done at home or wherever you are and anytime.

In the meantime, the disadvantages of paying Shopee via SMS bank are as follows:

There is an SMS fee in the form of pulses during the transaction.

It is different if you pay with mobile banking, you do not have to pay SMS fees.

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But do not worry, even though there are texting fees, the cost is not that great. Each type of provider has a nominal fee on each. but the price is still quite affordable.

Depends on the signal on the cell phone

The transaction process will be delayed if the supplier you use does not receive a signal. Like it or not, you have to wait until there is a signal to continue the pending transaction process.

Payment terms Shopee via SMS Banking

Payment terms Shopee via SMS Banking

Processing SMS banking transactions is certainly not original. You must first understand the procedures or requirements of the bank you use before making SMS banking transactions.

The following are payment terms for customers via SMS bank that must be considered:

  1. Make sure you use a mobile number registered on the server and the SMS banking system. Because if you use another number, the SMS bank transaction process cannot be completed.
  2. Before proceeding with the SMS banking transaction process, make sure you have registered for SMS banking with the customer service bank you use. You can find out how through Google or get directly to the bank.
  3. You must first understand how to pay Shopee via SMS bank before making a payment. You can read how through the official Shopee website.
  4. Make sure you have enough credit to send SMS. Because there is a fee for receiving and sending via SMS Banking and the fee is automatically deducted from the credit.
  5. Already know the format for sending SMS and the number of destinations for sending, because each bank has different SMS formats and guidelines.

How to pay Shopee via SMS Banking (all banks)

There are several ways you need to be aware of when making Shopee payment transactions via SMS banking.

If you are confused and do not know the order of SMS banking transactions, you can follow these steps so that you do not make mistakes during the payment process.

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The following is the order of how to pay Shopee via SMS bank, which is easy to use:

  • Open the Shopee application to order products by entering product keywords in the search field.
  • Select the product you need, read the product review first, if you can chat with the seller to request a product inventory or a more detailed product description.
  • You will then be redirected to the purchase page to process the payment, there are purchased products, product prices and the total cost you have to pay.
  • You can enter a coupon if you have one. Coupons can be in the form of free shipping and product discounts. Make sure you enter the coupon before clicking the check out / order button.
  • Then select a payment method. Because here I want to know how to pay Shopee via SMS banking, so use BRI bank as an example here.
  • When the choice of payment method is displayed, select the “BRI bank transfer” menu which is checked manually, click on “confirm”, after returning to the purchase page, scroll down to click on “make order”.
  • After the order is completed, you will be sent an account number to make a payment transaction and there is a fee amount to be paid.

After the order has been placed, you will be sent an account number

  • In this section you can double check the SMS format used, because each type of bank used will have a different SMS format. You can find out via Google.
  • If BRI bank SMS format is: TRANSFER (space) Destination account number (space) Payment amount (space) BRI SMS Banking PIN. Send to number 3300
  • Make sure that when sending an SMS with a mobile number registered in BRI SMS Banking, do not use another number.
  • After you have sent the SMS, your credit will be automatically deducted to pay the SMS fee of around Rp.250, and your payment transaction will also be processed.
  • You can also check whether the payment has been successful or not, via your Shopee account in the order status. If the payment is successful, the order status will automatically change to “packed order”.

If you want to use another bank, you can use the method above as well, but at step number 8 you still need to find out what the SMS format is. Because the SMS format and the destination number / recipient number for each type of bank are always different

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If you have followed the payment method above, just wait for the order to be sent by the seller to your home.

If the order has arrived, do not forget to record the video and the photos that are unpacked. You can use this data to refund products if the condition of the product is damaged, and they are used to provide product reviews or reviews as an assessment from buyers to sellers.


You are free to choose the type of payment method you want, just adjust it to your needs.

If you need a payment method without an internet connection, due to regional conditions that do not allow the use of the internet, you can use SMS banking.

But you must also remember that if it is not free to pay Shopee via SMS bank, you must pay according to the supplier rate you use to send one SMS. And pay handling fees or administration fees, every time you make a payment transaction on Rp. 1000.

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