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How to Refresh iPhone in the Simple Steps

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How to refresh iPhone is one important skill that you need to learn if you own this popular kind of smartphone. Knowing how to refresh your iPhone is essential to know especially if your phone starts to hand, not responding to any command, or oftentimes crashing. It is quite simple actually, but many people still do not have any idea about how to do it.

No need to blame yourself if you still don’t know how to refresh iPhone. This article will give you thorough information about how to refresh the phone. Therefore, anytime you face difficulties controlling your phone, you can refresh it easily without needing to throw your phone to the floor.

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Why You Should Know How to Refresh iPhone?

We all have that moment when we have our phone slows down that it turns us mad. Before reading this article, probably you don’t have any idea how to fix the problem other than banging your phone to the floor—which may sound hyperbolic, yet many are doing the same. The point is, knowing that you cannot do anything may frustrate you.

If your phone often crashes and disturbs you while playing with your phone, then this is where you may need to refresh your phone. It does not necessarily to be crashed, though—even slowing down iPhone (or even iPad) can be fixed by refreshing it.

Luckily, you do not have to do it hard way like having 10-step procedure to refresh your phone. You do not even need to install a certain application just to do that. So, skip that thought of bringing your iPhone to that repair shop and save your hard-earned money by learning this procedure of how to refresh iPhone.

But first, let’s get to know why your iPhone often crashes or even slows down. There are various reasons that make your iPhone or iPad to slow down, such as:

  1. Outdated software
    If this is the case, you may consider updating your software so that it runs well like other phones. Knowing how to refresh iPhone may still be important, but it may not answer the problem directly.
  2. You use outdated applications
    Although generally you will get notified for every update that each application installed on your iPhone, you can dismiss and eventually forget to update your apps. If the update always gets postponed, you may risk of getting your phone slows down. Therefore, make sure you run an update as soon as you got notified. As an alternative, you may learn how to refresh iPhone.
  3. Unused apps or too many apps running at the same time
    You may have known that phones have its RAM as well. Just like in PCs, RAM in phones is losing its empty space as you open more and more applications. This will worsen if you do not close the app after using it. The buildup of your apps’ memory will cause your RAM to be overly occupied, hence the slowdown occurs. Consider to uninstall the unused apps and/or moving your files to PCs. Or, if you think the files are unimportant, simply delete it.
  4. Overloaded phone storage space
    Another possibility of your phone’s slowdown or crash is due to your phone’s storage being overloaded with files. Just as mentioned in point (2), consider moving/deleting your unused files so that your phone has more storage to operate better.


How to Refresh iPhone Simply

There is no F5 in iPhone, and that’s why you need to learn this if you are a new Apple user and your phone is already slowing down. After knowing what may cause your phone to crash or slow down, learning how to refresh your iPhone becomes a method that will help you a lot if uninstalling apps, deleting files, or updating software are not the doable solutions for you.

So, how to refresh iPhone? You can do this procedure below in order to bring your phone to its fresh condition:

  1. First, unlock your phone. You do not need to be on the home screen, though, but still—make it unlocked.
  2. Then, continue by holding down the power button as if planning to turn off the iPhone. That said, you need to press the power button until you get that screen of ‘Slide to Power Off’.
  3. Refrain from turning it off—instead, take off your finger from the power button.
  4. Move your finger to the ‘Home’ button. Start to press it down for a few seconds. Stop when your screen jumps back to that Home screen.

You may think that it has no significance compared to uninstalling an app or deleting major files—but that time you came back to the iOS home screen after a long-press of power button is a sign that you have completed refreshing your iPhone.

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How to Refresh iPhone: Further Information that You Should Know

Regarding refreshing your iPhone, you do it wrong if you got the Siri prompt after pressing down the Home button. This is because you have not unlocked the screen the time you perform that how to refresh iPhone procedure. If that is the case, consider retrying to do the procedure. So, you will need to unlock your phone first, then doing the steps mentioned earlier.

If this little tip fails to aid you (your iPhone still lags or slows down), consider to rebooting/restarting the phone itself. Start by holding down the power button and slide the in-screen shut down button; then restart your phone simply by pressing the power button. Rebooting the phone will usually resolve the problem, as every process that is going in the phone is ended the time your phone is shut down.


Have you done all steps of how to refresh iPhone and still find your phone lags, crashes, or heated up? Then, do a simple troubleshoot. Start by checking for the OS update, ‘killing’ the processes of some apps that may not be unused, uninstalling unused apps, and moving files to your PC/hard disks. Wait for some change. Try to refresh your phone as well. If you have done all of these and the problem still persists, probably it’s time to come to a repair shop to have your phone be fixed.

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