How to remove YouTube ads on Android without root

How to remove YouTube ads on Android without root

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Krisetya Tech- Some of you are probably looking for how to get rid of ads on Youtube? Can ads on Youtube be blocked? The answer is yes.

You can disable the annoying YouTube ads, as we know, sometimes a video has 5-10 ads inserted. The ad is probably very annoying is not it?

Also, there are ads that are displayed which are types of ads that can not be skipped or skipped. so you have to watch the ad run until it runs out, then you can just enjoy the video you are watching on your favorite Youtube channel.

Why should there be ads on YouTube?

Why there should be ads on YouTube

You need to know that every video that has this ad has a collaboration between YouTube, content creators and advertisers.

Because by establishing a collaboration above all mutually beneficial, from the content owner will get paid, from the ads displayed on the video channel, as well as advertisers will get help to market their products, and for YouTube can reap profits from application users.

Through ads that appear on the Youtube video channel, if someone watching the ad clicks on it, aka it is not skipped, ie it is seen in its entirety, then the owner of the channel gets paid.

Steps to remove YouTube ads on Android

Steps to remove ads on Youtube

Ads on YouTube videos can not actually be removed, because Youtube or Google do not offer a feature to hide ads, but they only provide a button to report existing ads.

There is a report ad button in the top right corner, you can click on the “X” icon. When you click, it means that the ad no longer appears on each ad that appears, but is replaced with another type of ad.

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So how to get rid of YouTube ads without root on Android? This is how:

  1. The first step you need to do to block ads on YouTube Android without root is to use a third-party application. In this case, we recommend the application Free browser ad blocking. To get it, open the Google Play Store application, then search for the application. Install the application on your Android phone and please
  2. Please read about privacy, if you accept these rules, please click the accept button and continue
  3. You can set the default browser or not
  4. Open YouTube to watch videos from your favorite channel on YouTube without further ad interference.
  5. The YouTube page is currently open. To enable and disable the ad blocking feature, click the tick icon at the top right next to the three-dot button.
  6. You can block different types of ads that typically appear on Youtube videos. If you do not want to block the ads and let the ads appear on the videos you watch, you can click the block ads icon on, block pop-ups on and view the number of blocked ads.
  7. Congratulations, you have removed ads on YouTube. Now you can freely watch favorite videos from your favorite youtubers. What is certain is that there are no more ad distractions.
  8. Sign in with your Gmail or Youtube account so you can like and comment on the video.

By using this application you can not only remove ads on the YouTube page, but all websites that display ads will be blocked by this application. With a note that you open it through this application. Very fun right?

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Before using this application, you need to consider several things. If everyone uses this application or the ads on Youtube videos are removed, Youtubers, content creators or people who make videos on Youtube may stop working.

Because they get revenue from YouTube through these ads. If you love them, you will continue to watch videos of their work on Youtube. Then you can support and support them by not using applications that block ads on Youtube.

Or you can occasionally use this application to block ads on Youtube where there are many ads displayed.

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