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Simple Tricks on How to Select All Photos on iPhone

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If you just upgraded your iOS, you probably look for how to select all photos on iPhone tutorial since Apple has changed the existing way you may use to select photos in bulk. Rather than tapping the photos, you would like to share or delete one by one, you can now make it easier by following the tricks that will be described below.

You will find these tricks useful, more importantly, if your device comes with limited memory that you need to delete some photos or videos to free up some space. Before performing the following tutorials, make sure you already save the data to a computer or hard drive first.

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Easy Trick on How to Select All Photos on iPhone

With photos in high-resolution quality and videos in 4K are becoming more common, it’s no wonder the media takes up the majority of your iPhone’s storage capacity. If you’re in this situation, you can always rely on iCloud.

However, the free amount of storage you will get is only 5 GB, and you need to pay more to get 50 to 200 GB of additional storage. In order to save money and free up space, you can always remove photos or back them up to your computer. There is one method to making it much simpler: by doing the tutorial on how to select all photos on iPhone.

Certainly, you are able to delete the existing photos, videos, or even screenshots one by one. Nevertheless, let’s admit that this particular method takes a long time, not to mention when you have thousands of media.

There is the “Select All” on iPhone, but it isn’t available everywhere. Except for “Imports” and “Recents”, you are allowed to press “Select All” on most album tabs after you press “Select”. You may not always want to choose all the photos even with the existing “Select All” option.

That is where the guide on how to select all photos on iPhone below comes in handy. This is not a method where you have to tap a photo and slide. It’s still relatively slow should you have to select thousands of photos at once. Thankfully, the following trick can help you do the job faster.

  1. First and foremost, launch the “Photos” application on your iPhone. By tapping on it, you will be redirected automatically to the “Photos” tab where all your media are organized by location, date, and year. Open the album from which you wish to choose the pictures.
  2. This is an important point to keep in mind when you do the how to select all photos on iPhone Tap on “Select” at the top corner of the screen. Chose the starting point, then tap on the photo you want to select first and slide to choose one additional picture while keeping your finger on the screen.
  3. Keep your finger still on the screen and tap on the top side of the screen with your other hand. You will bounce to the upper side of the screen in an instant, selecting all the photos or videos in between. Afterward, you will see each of the selected pictures has a blue checkmark on it.
  4. After you’re done doing the how to select all photos on iPhone guide, you have a few alternatives. You may either share them through various apps by tapping the “Share” option or select the “Trash Can” option to delete them.

When you opt to delete thousands photos, keep in mind that they will go directly to the “Recently Deleted” section, in which they will be deleted automatically after a particular amount of time. Thus, make sure you have backed them up to iCloud.

If you are an iCloud Photos user, the same thing happens on all of your Apple devices where you enable the iCloud Photos with the same account. Of course, this wouldn’t occur if the media is physically saved on those Apple units.

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How to Select All Photos on iPhone Based on the Folder

As you can see, iPhone doesn’t have the “Select All” option in its “Photos” application. However, you can still do the tutorial on how to select all photos on iPhone based on the folder. This is a more manual method to select the bulk of photos at once.

  1. Launch your “Photos” app and head to the folder you would like to select. If you wish to choose and select all the existing photos on your phone, keep staying on the “All Photos” category. Tap on the “Select” option on the top right of your screen.
  2. Gently tap on the folder’s very last picture then use your finger to swipe left and up to the top left corner of your phone screen. You should find blue checkmarks on the photos or videos you are selected as you do this method.
  3. Step 2 is an essential step on how to select all photos on iPhone based on the category. To perform this right, you will need some experience. Therefore, don’t be too surprised if this method doesn’t work the first time you are trying it. Try it again should you fail to do so.
  4. Swipe your finger to the timestamp on the upper side of the screen. Then, keep your finger on it until the collection scrolls by itself to the first photo and all the pictures are selected. From this step, you can either tap on the “Share” icon if you want to share the album or choose the “Trash Can” icon should you plan to delete them.

The tutorials above are not just for removing your stuff, but these can also be utilized to quickly share a large number of photos or videos. Rather than selecting the trash bin icon, choose the share option instead if you don’t want to lose some of the memorable pictures. Simply follow the instructions on how to select all photos on iPhone above to back up your photos in no time.

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