How to Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages

How to Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on Android and to Spot the Signs

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Learning how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android can be handy, especially if you are pretty private about your life. In terms of privacy, no one should be allowed to infiltrate other people’s phone even when they related. Your parents, your siblings, and even your spouses should know their boundaries as your phone is considered a private belonging of yours.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world where everyone knows their place. Some of your closest relatives or friends may try to spy on you. Even worse, other people may try to hack your device because they want to know more about you and your life. Such thing is pretty common with stalkers or hackers or others with mischievous purposes.

It’s important that you know how to avoid such a thing and learn a few tricks on your own. You can also learn about your phone and how to set it up in the most proper way that fits your personal preference.


How to Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on Android by Turning off the Notification

Today smartphones have this feature, the notification or the message previews, which can be quite handy but it can also be quite annoying – depending on which side you are viewing it. A message notification may be handy because it gives you a glance of what the text is or what the conversation is all about. But in terms of privacy, this feature isn’t so great.

Well, as the owner of the phone, you expect yourself to be the only one reading it. But how can you expect total privacy when the notification just pops out right on the screen? If you put your phone on the table, right where you are conversing with your friends, chances that they will see the notification when it just appears on your screen.

How is the simplest method to deal with it? Just turn it off. Disable the message previews feature completely so you get to keep your privacy intact and no one needs to know about your sensitive information. No need to worry, you will still get the message and you will still be notified. However, the notification is only about the sender, not the content of the text.

On you Android device, go to Settings. Choose Sounds and Notifications, and then scroll down. You should be able to reach the section or part for the notifications. One of those options is about ‘When Device is Locked’. In this option, you get to decide whether you don’t want to show notification completely or you hide sensitive content. You can choose the latter one (hide sensitive content).

Whenever there is a message, you will get the notification, but it won’t reveal what it is about or the message won’t expand right there on the menu screen. The only downside is that you will have to get into the app if you want to read the message. It means whoever sends it will know that you have already read the message. But of course, you should be able to disable it too, depending on the application itself.

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Hacking Issues

It’s pretty common today to have several hacking applications that allow you to get into other people’s phone without having to install anything on THEIR device. If you check the web, you will find several apps that enable you to spy on other people’s mobile devices or cell phones. Depending on the apps, you should be able to text their messages or even get into their system – without them knowing it. Basically, you don’t need any physical access or direct access (to other people’s device) in order to get all the important information.

It is possible that other people hack your phone in order to get confidential information from it, including reading your messages. But you should know that such a thing is illegal. Yes, you can find phone tracking apps to hack into other people’s devices but it doesn’t mean that it is allowed.


Protecting Your Devices

So, you value your privacy so much and you want to protect your device. How to do it, anyway?

  • First of all, you need to download and install a special app for it. For instance, you can download and install Message Locker or SMS Lock.
  • Go to Google Playstore, after that download, then install it
  • Open the app and create a personalized PIN. In most cases, you need to create a PIN or a new pattern. This app can be useful to hide your SMS, text, and also MMS.
  • Confirm the PIN
  • Set up the recovery system


Finding out Whether You Are Being Spied on

Your phone is the extra elongated version of yours. It’s a personal belonging that you use on a daily basis; almost on a secondly basis. You should know when things aren’t right. Your gut should tell you that. If you suspect that someone is snooping on your phone, you need to do these things to verify your suspicion:

  • Check the network usage of your phone. If there is a suspiciously high data usage or you find out that your (monthly) data usage spikes up quite drastically, and you don’t change any of your online habit, then it is likely that someone has a spyware on your phone. You see, low quality (spy) tools will attempt on sending as much data (concerning your device) to the home base. This is the reason for the spiked data amount. However, there are apps that are pretty sophisticated in their performance. Detecting such apps would be tougher. You need to check your monthly data usage and be aware of it.
  • The phone is always active. Even in the standby mode, your phone shows activity signs – and yet you don’t see any incoming message or call or anything. If you hear sounds and noises while your phone is in its standby mode, you should suspect of a foul play.
  • You suffer from deteriorating battery. You don’t feel using your phone that much and yet it seems that your battery is draining. It’s related to the increased data usage.
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So, here is the thorough information about the possibility of spying app on your phone and protecting your device completely. So, now that you know how to stop someone from reading your text messages on Android, you can actually do something about it!

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