How to Stop WiFi from Turning on Automatically Android

How to Stop WiFi from Turning on Automatically Android Steps and Facts

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You probably have the latest Android devices and now you are wondering how to stop WiFi from turning on automatically Android. Wait, is it even possible to have your Android activating its own WiFi system automatically? Yes, it is possible. The feature started out from Android Oreo and it is now available on Android 9 Pie. As you can see, the more advanced the phone is (and the newest the operating system is), the more sophisticated features you can get.


How to Stop WiFi from Turning on Automatically Android: The Situation

Imagine this: You have set your phone to a regular mobile data, and then suddenly, you see that it runs on the WiFi connection. Even after you have turned the WiFi off, your ‘smart’ phone somehow turns the WiFi system automatically on WiFi connection whenever you get close to a strong signal and familiar network.


The automatic feature is meant to help the users. It is supposed to help them. With such a feature, it would be easier to get back (and reconnect) to a familiar wireless connection that you previously have used or signed into. So, don’t be too surprised if your WiFi connection is on automatically when you are at your favorite diner or coffee shop, or you are at work or home network – and you have turned it off to save up battery life.


Despite the benefits, not all users appreciate this feature. They don’t want their WiFi to automatically on by default. If you are one of those people who want to have a full manual and complete control over your phone’s connection, then you need to learn how to set it off. Many dislike the fact that their WiFi is on every time they pass their favorite (coffee) shop or the Starbucks. To make it disabled or active, it all goes back to your personal preference.

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Turn WiFi on Automatically: The Feature

The feature itself was actually developed for Pixel (from Google) as well as the Pixel XL. It follows the update for Oreo Android 8.0. Later, it is Android 9 Pie that brings this feature to completely support the operating system and its newest version.


This feature works in this way: Your smartphone is still able to scan the nearby network (especially the ones with strong and solid signal) although your WiFi has been turned off. In the event that you previously connect to any of the connection (which also means that your phone saves it), your phone will have the memory of it. It will ‘memorize’ the connection, which leads to your phone turns its own WiFi back on automatically and then connect to the network – whenever it detects the signal nearby.


Naturally, this feature is pretty helpful. There is a reason why it is created from the first place. It is helpful to prevent unnecessary data usage. For instance, you are away and on the outside of your house using mobile data. When you come home, you just forget turning on the WiFi connection on your phone. And you have done a lot of things, such as streaming music or Netflix. By the time you realize that you haven’t turned your WiFi on, you have used your mobile data quite a lot. Well, Turn on WiFi Automatically feature is handy to avoid such a thing. Instead of depending on the manual system, you can rely on the automatic system to be reconnected automatically.


The general benefits of the feature are:

  • You enable the adaptive system to respond and work on its own. This feature is able to switch between mobile data and WiFi system automatically so you can enjoy a stable and more constant network connection
  • In the event that WiFi signal is unreliable or it becomes weak, your smartphone can automatically switch to mobile data
  • The WiFi is able to turn on its own whenever you are within the reaching distance of the (WiFi) network that has been frequently used


Yes, this feature has its own benefits, but then again, it’s not for everyone. Many have thought of it to be unnecessary – even to the point of annoying. You won’t be able to disable this feature from the drop-down (notification) menu. It takes extra effort to fiddle with the setting. However, you don’t need to be a rocket science to figure things out. If you know where to look, you should be able to manage everything.


WiFi Wakeup Enable and Disable

Before you can disable the feature, you want to know how to get into it, right? But first, you need to be able to find it on your phone.

  • Open your phone and go to Settings
  • You should be able to see big lists of sections. Search for the option ‘Network and Internet’. When you tap it, you will see another submenu. Click the option WiFi to bring the settings up for the wireless connection
  • Tap on the option WiFi Preferences (you can find it below the available networks lists). When you see the option ‘Turn on WiFi Automatically’, switch it off. It would disable the feature. A word of advice, though: When you do this action, make sure that you also turn off the option ‘Connect to Open Networks’. This will help with your network arrangement.
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Turning the Feature Back on (Again)

In the event that you want to enable the feature in the future, you can do the above steps, but in a reversed manner. However, you need to make sure that you also enable the WiFi Scanning feature. To do this, you need to:

  • Go to Settings and then choose ‘Security and Location
  • Tap on ‘Location
  • Click the option ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Scanning’. Check whether the feature WiFi scanning is already on
  • You are done


Final Words

Again, the decision whether to leave the feature stay active or inactive is entirely up to you. After all, it is a part of your personal preference in operating your phone. However, the knowledge of how to stop WiFi from turning on automatically Android can be quite handy because it gives you the flexibility to manage your own mobile operation and smartphone usage.

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