how to tell if a website is wordpress

How to Tell If a Website is WordPress or Not

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How to tell if a website is a WordPress or not? When you are visiting a website, some of you are probably curious about what server and CMS it uses. If you work as a web developer or programmer, you must want to know it. According to WordPress’ stats, around 34% websites around the world use WordPress. Either for personal blogs or corporate media. If you want to know whether the website you visit is WordPress or not, you can try these ways below.

Page Source

You can know what CMS a website uses through the page source. Visit the website and if you use Google Chrome as your browser, you just need to right-click on the website and select View Page Source. You can also use a shortcut by pressing Ctrl + U on your keyboard. Then, press Ctrl + F and type the keyword ‘wordpress’. If you can find the keyword, this means that the website uses WordPress as its CMS. This is the most simple, easiest way to know if a website is WordPress or not.

Visiting WP-Admin or WP-Login Page

The next way for how to tell if a website is WordPress or not is by visiting wp-admin or wp-login pages. But you should know that not all WordPress websites can be checked this way. Some website owners hide or change admin login URLs.

Visiting via License.txt File

You can also check the use of WordPress on a website by visiting the license.txt file. For example, you are visiting the Time Magazine website and wanting to know whether the website uses WordPress or not. You can check it by visiting A dialog box will appear and you can tell whether the website uses WordPress CMS or not from it.

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how to tell if a website is wordpress

Online Tools

You can visit websites that provide online tools, whose function is to identify what technology is built on a website. One of the most popular is the website. You can type the URL of the website that you want to check. In order to see the CMS used by the website, scroll down and see the Content Management System section. In this section, you can also check what technology and server that the website uses.

Using Chrome Extension

Next, you can use a chrome extension named Wappalyzer. If you use the chrome browser, you can choose Wappalyzer for Chrome. It is similar to, but it is a browser extension. You can use its function to identify the technology behind a website. Once you have downloaded and installed the extension browser, visit any website. Then, in the upper right corner, it will automatically detect the website technology that is being used.

Besides CMS, Wappalyzer can also detect servers, programming languages, widgets, and databases that a website uses. This extension browser also allows you to know the WordPress theme used on the website. Are you interested in trying this trick?

Those are the ways to check if a website is WordPress. This is how to tell if a website is WordPress or not.



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