How to Turn Off Wifi Calling in Android and iPhone

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To make sure every phone call you are making through your cellphones is archived, you will need to know the correct way on how to turn off Wifi calling. If it’s the first time you heard about the term “Wifi calling” and you have no clue how it works, this article will break down everything about this function.

Android and Apple devices are highly compatible with the Wifi calling system. Without the need for an intermediary, such as a phone carrier, it’s a fantastic way to make calls indoors without trouble. However, there are some cases where you will need to disable this function. Keep reading to know more about the procedure of disabling this feature to save your internet data consumption.

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Wifi Calling Definition and How to Turn Off Wifi Calling

  • Wifi calling explanation

Before you learn the step-by-step instructions on how to turn off Wifi calling, it would be best if you know what this feature is precisely about. As you might already know, Wifi is a wireless network in which its operations adhered to a set of standards that are created by the Wifi Alliance and IEEE.

If your internet connection is sufficiently fast, you are likely to have a router that can provide this wireless network coverage as well. Depending on the materials of the place you are residing in and other crucial factors, a wireless router typically comes in a range of 500 ft from the place it is installed.

However, according to a survey, nearly 45% of people in the US have no clue what the Wifi calling function is, let alone knowing how to turn off Wifi calling. In short, it’s a feature that lets you receive and make phone calls and text messages through a wireless network.

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With this feature, you won’t need to use your phone carrier network. You can make use of this system via any Wifi hotspot or your own personal wireless connection even if there is no cell tower around you.

One of the major benefits is that you can make calls or send text messages anywhere and anytime, as long as you are in a location with a reliable Wifi connection. However, much like making calls with a cellular provider, you will also get charged for using the feature of wireless calling.

  • How to disable it?

If you are a frequent user of the wireless calling system, knowing how to turn off Wifi calling feature is compulsory since you would not know when and where you have a decent wireless connection. High-speed wireless internet connection is the key to make a call without issues.

If you are unluckily in a place with no Wifi connection and you have to make urgent calls to your family or colleagues, you will have to switch to the conventional way of making phone calls. In order to do this, you need to first disable this function on your phone.

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If you are an iPhone user, here is the guide on how to turn off Wifi calling:

  • From your Home screen, locate the “Settings” icon and tap on it. Once you get access to the “Settings”, tap on “Cellular”. If the “Cellular” option is unavailable, go to “App Library” by swiping left. Important to note, do select the line if you use an e-SIM, then go to step 2.
  • Tap on the “Wifi Calling” option. Once you are redirected to a new window, tap the “Wifi calling on this iPhone” to turn the feature off. If you see the “prefer Wifi while roaming” option, tap it as well to turn it off.
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For Android, below is the instruction on how to turn off Wifi calling:

  • To disable it, go to the “Settings”. Tap on the “Network & Internet” option and click “Wifi Preferences” and tap on “Advanced”. Then, switch the “Wifi calling” button to turn it off. Now, you have successfully disabled the wireless calling feature on your Android device.

Why You Need to Know How to Turn Off Wifi Calling

Wifi calling offers various benefits with being able to make calls and send text messages with Wifi as the major advantage. However, there are also a few significant drawbacks that make the tutorial on how to turn off Wifi calling is a must thing to know.

  • Inadequate network speed

Wireless connections might lag in airports, hotels, universities, and other public places. Due to this, the data speeds you will get will be much slower compared to a place with only a few people using the network. A signal strength that is weak can lead to poor quality of phone calls and even dropped phone calls.

  • You may be charged for using the data

When you make phone calls without using your own wireless network or the one in your office, you may be susceptible to service fees or other unexpected fees the moment you lose Wifi connection and your call automatically switched to your standard data plan.

  • International calls are restricted

When you are traveling overseas, some of the major phone carriers allow you to make wireless calls. However, this is only applicable when the person you are contacting is in the US. Therefore, you will need to check if there are any restrictions with your phone carrier.

  • Wifi calling isn’t supported by all devices

Your smartphones must have a built-in wireless calling feature. Go to the “Settings” to check the availability of this function. You can also contact your Wifi carrier to see whether you are able to make Wifi calls or not.

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In crowded places, like shopping centers, sports stadiums, and airports, the quality of phone calls via a wireless network might be poor. It should be understood since many people are using the same network at the same time, resulting in reduced strength of internet signal.

In these areas, conventional mobile service is a better option than Wifi calling. You only need to ensure you know how to turn off Wifi calling when you need to make immediate calls, yet currently, you are in those areas.

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