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How to Unhide a Post on Facebook for Desktop Web Browser and Mobile App

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Looking for a guide that can show you on how to unhide a post on Facebook? You have come to the right place, then. This article has step-by-step tutorials to unhide your Facebook post, whether you use its desktop web browser version or the mobile app version.

The way Facebook interface is designed is meant to make it easy for users to manage their page. By using only a few clicks, you will be able to hide posts from your timeline, such as embarrassing photos or content that may not age well. However, it is possible that sometimes you don’t want to hide them anymore because you’ve changed your mind.

This problem is also prevalent for persons who work in professional field as social media manager. So, if you have decided to no longer hide a Facebook post, keep on reading the simple guide of how to unhide a post on Facebook below.


How to Unhide A Post on Facebook If You’re Using Desktop Web Browser

Revealing hidden Facebook post when you’re using desktop web browser is a process that only takes about a minute. Here are the four easy steps on how to unhide a post on Facebook if you’re using desktop PC or laptop:

1. Sign into your Facebook account

Launch your browser and open your Facebook page to log into your social media account.

2. Open your Activity Log

The following step is to open your personal Activity Log. This can be done in two ways:

  • Open the main menu of Facebook by clicking on triangle icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Amongst the available menu options, you’d find Activity Log option that’s located on the bottom part of the menu.
  • Alternatively, you may go to the menu bar located at the top-center of the Facebook page, where you can find your profile’s link. There, you can click on the menu button of Activity Log, in the bottom right-corner area of your profile’s cover image.

3. Locate your hidden posts

The Activity Log page will show all of the taken actions of your Facebook accounts, including comments, shares, and reactions. Now, scan the filter list by clicking on ‘Hidden From Timeline’ menu to see all of your hidden posts since your account was created. The list is available in reverse chronological order, so scroll along the whole feed of hidden content from the most recent ones. You may click the month or year where you’ve created the specific hidden post to find it faster.

4. Unhide the selected post

Next step on how to unhide a post on Facebook is to hit the icon of circle that has diagonal line on the side of the post that you want to unhide. Clicking on the icon will reveal you with menu options to hide or delete the content. To unhide the content, choose ‘Allowed on Timeline’ options. If the post was reported as spam, it can be unmarked as one.

After you have successfully completed the steps on how to unhide a post on Facebook, go to the profile page of your Facebook account to see if the previously hidden content has been revealed, including its comments and reactions. The allowed users, depends on your settings of privacy, will be able to view and engage with the content now.

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How to Unhide A Post on Facebook If You’re Using a Mobile App

The tutorial of how to unhide a post on Facebook by using the mobile app below is just as easy as the one above. Read and follow the steps provided in the following:

1. Launch your Facebook mobile app

Open the application on your mobile phone and make sure that you have logged in to your account.

2. Open your Activity Log

There are two possible ways to open the menu of Activity Log in your Facebook mobile app:

  • Go to the top-right corner of the screen to and tap icon with three horizontal line to display the main menu. Scroll the options down and choose ‘Settings’, then scroll down again until you find ‘Your Facebook Information’. Open ‘Activity Log’ from the menu options.
  • Open your Facebook profile page, by tapping menu at the top-right corner and then press Facebook profile icon or hit the profile icon in the Facebook mobile app’s main page. Then, press icon with three dots on the profile page that’s located under your profile’s name, and choose ‘Activity Log’.

3. Locate your hidden post

After the ‘Activity Log’ page is opened, press on the menu ‘Filters’, then choose ‘Categories’. Select the option of ‘Logged Actions and Other Activity’ from the menu. Choose the option ‘Hidden from Timeline’ to select it and your hidden posts will be shown in reverse chronological order list.

You may skip the step to open ‘Activity Log’ and open the hidden posts list from menu of ‘Settings’. If you choose to access the content from here, scroll down the Settings menu and choose ‘Your Facebook Information’, then tap on the icon of arrow next to the menu ‘Posts’, and select ‘Posts Hidden from Your Timeline’.

Both ways allow you to filter the posts by applying month and date of the posted content. In order to do so, select ‘Filters’, then choose ‘Date’ that’s located at the lower area of the screen, then input the period of time to filter the hidden post.

4. Unhide the chosen posts

You’ve come to the last step on how to unhide a post on Facebook on mobile app. After you have found the hidden post that you want to reveal, press the arrow icon next to it. Choose the option ‘Show on Timeline’, and do this step for all of the contents that you don’t want to hid anymore. Finally, go back to your Facebook profile page to check if all the unhidden posts have been shown on your timeline.

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It’s worth to note that the guides on how to unhide a post on Facebook above won’t work of deleted contents. That’s why, when you want to take an impulsive decision to delete your Facebook post, it is recommended to unhide it instead. That way, you can easily retrieve the post whenever you wanted to.

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