how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel

How to Uninstall WordPress from cPanel Easily

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You might have a reason that makes you want to uninstall your WordPress website. It sounds troublesome but with this direction on how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel, you can do it with no hassle at all.

Before Uninstalling

You have to make sure that you check everything properly before uninstalling your WordPress. It is an important step to take before you can follow the steps on how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel godaddy. In this circumstance, you need to go to the access to cPanel. On cPanel, you will erase the right database. Everything that has been added to the database of the website will be erased including the username of the database. Finally, the entire files of WordPress will be removed. That is why if there are important files, you might want to back up them first. Do not forget to check again and again to be sure before starting the uninstallation process.

Access cPanel

You need to access the cPanel. In this circumstance, you need your login information. You can find it by checking the email sent by the hosting provider. Once you can log in, access the cPanel account will be super easy. You only need to visit on your browser. You only need to type your username as well as password into the dashboard. You can see the files of your website by opening Files and then File Manager. By clicking the plus symbol the public_html can be expanded and you can find the files of your website.

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how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel

Make Sure Correct Database and Site

If you want to know all the files, you can just double-click the name of the folder. You can give the wo-config.php a right-click to choose the option of View. The database name, as well as the username, can be found if you go down to the MySQL database username as well as The name of the database for WordPress. If you want it, you can save them. This might be the step on how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel but you will regret it if you do not save important files before deleting the WordPress completely.

Delete Database and Database User

If there is no more database and username of database that you want to save, you can just erase them. For this purpose, you have to go to the homepage of your cPanel. You also need to choose MySQL Database. You need to confirm on the popup screen. You have to remember that deleting them means that you cannot restore the deleted files. You can choose Delete and Confirm to execute how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel hostgator.

Delete All Files

Now you need to go to public_html in the file manager. You need to right-click the folder name of the site to erase it. You must choose Yes in the confirmation box. You have to go to Add-on Domain to erase the domain name. You might want to clean every single thing to keep your cPanel organized and clean after following how to uninstall wordpress from cpanel.

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