How to watch live Instagram (IG) without comment, the latest 2022 on Android

How to watch live Instagram (IG) without comment, the latest 2022 on Android

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Krisetya Tech- Live Instagram or IG can often be done by you, especially the users of the platform. The reason is that you can get rid of boredom while playing IG. But you know, when you’re alive, the comments in it can be removed. So how do you do that if you’re curious, let’s read this article to the end.

Instagram is an application that has many users, even now it has become the most popular of other social media. With Instagram you can see interesting news every day. Even Instagram users are not just you, but artists, football players and presidents also use the platform.

In addition, the Instagram application is perfect for entertaining yourself when you are alone or lonely. The reason is that it has features that are very useful, including being able to post stories, live streaming, images with filters and so on. And usually one of the appropriate features to get rid of loneliness is live instagram.

With live Instagram, you can chat with your followers, and even your followers can comment while you watch it. But if you are an artist or a football player, there are guaranteed to be followers who do not like or are often called online users. Of course, reading the bad comments can hurt you.

Not just artists, you must also have people who do not like or Internet users. But of course they do not dare to comment on social media. Well, usually those who frequently comment on live Instagram are our own friends.

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And what often happens is that they usually comment in a strange language, so sometimes you feel uncomfortable, right. Well, as a blog that is always updated, we will discuss or offer solutions so that Instagram comments are disabled when you stay. Definitely not curious about the ways for it, let’s see the information below.

To disable comments under Live Instagram

To disable comments under Live Instagram

As we explained above that sometimes we feel uncomfortable with comments when we do live Instagram. For this reason, some Instagram users want to disable these comments, so how do you do that? You need to know that you need to easily use an additional application so that you can disable live Instagram comments.

In this sophisticated era, there must have been many applications that could disable comments during live broadcasts on IG. In fact, what are the relevant applications, if you can not wait to find out, then pay attention to the reviews we have prepared below.

Using the old version of Instagram

The first way you can disable comments when doing live Instagram is to use the old version of the IG application. You must know that the old version still has a disable comment feature in it. So when you use it you can activate the function.

So how do you get the old version of the Instagram app while all platforms in the Playstore are up to date. Now for how to get the old version of Instagram, you can download it on a website that provides a special link. After receiving it, you can activate the feature, but it will of course be difficult to access the latest features from Instagram.

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2. Use the StorySaver + app

The next way you can disable comments on live Instagram is to use the Sotrysaver + application. The reason is by using this application you can easily do it because it already has many interesting features. And of course, eliminating live IG comments is one of the flagship features when using this application.

For that, for those of you who want to remove comments on live Instagram, you can use this method. Download the application on Playsotre then log in and enjoy the function, so of course if you send directly to IG no comments will be displayed.

3. Use OGInsta +

The last option you can do when you want to delete comments on live Instagram is to use the OGinsta + application. You need to know that this application has the same functionality as the other platform above. Because you can easily delete live Instagram comments as long as you have downloaded the application.

You need to know that this application is provided by the number 1 download platform on Android, namely Playstore. If you are interested in trying it out, download and install the OGinsta + application.

Does Removing Live Instagram Comments Work?

How to remove live Instagram comments works

Many ask about how to remove live Instagram comments works or not. You must know that this method is often used by people so that they can deactivate their comments during live broadcast on IG. Also, the first method, which uses the old version, can certainly be proven because it has built-in features that can help with this.

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If you are still unsure of the method we have explained above, try it yourself. We recommend that when you do the experiment, you must have a stable internet connection so that it is not slow and without interruptions. If you have tried and done it, you can only comment on the method.

The last word

There is enough information we can provide on how to watch live Instagram without any comments in it. Thank you to those of you who have stopped by and visited this Krisetya Techblog. If it’s the wrong word or information, the author apologizes and hopefully the discussion above can be helpful, especially for those of you looking for a way to remove comments during live IG.

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