Latest Maxim Promotion Code 2022 New / old users all over Indonesia

Latest Maxim Promotion Code 2022 New / old users all over Indonesia

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Krisetya Tech- Promotional code Maxim is currently a great need for everyone. It is no wonder that a lot of internet transport has now appeared. After Gojek and Grab, there is now another online transport, and it has been widely used by people for different needs when they are traveling.

Maxim is a new internet transport, but already known to those who often use Maxim’s motorcycle taxi services. We can find Maxim with the driver who uses a motorcycle or car. Almost like gojek. Just another brand

Maxim has become the choice for Indonesian people today for online land transport. Especially motor vehicles and cars.

What makes the application much sought after by passengers is the existence of a promotional code that can provide ticket discounts when passengers wear the driver’s suit. Yes, in this application we can enter the Maxim promotion code to get a discount on vehicle prices. This Redeem promotional code is in the form of a cash balance of 10,000 rupiah

The main requirement to get this promotional code is that you must install the Maxim application and then log in and use an active mobile number. Then enter the promotion code / bonus section.

So what is the number on the code so that we can get a discount when using an online motorcycle taxi or Ari maxim car? Here the administrator will tell you the code, the information is below.

How much does the Maxim promotional code cost?

Maxim promo code

Many people hunt and look for this code to get a discount from Maxim. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to install new applications and create new accounts so that they can get a lot of discounts. In addition to providing a redemption redemption code, Maxim also offers free facilities or special discounts for users using a new Maxim account.

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You can use this maximum promotional code DRV22472443. This code is a referral code that can be used by drivers to invite new users when they want to register as a maximum customer. This promotional code is a combination of the driver code and the driver ID

The cool thing is that you can use the code in all regions of Indonesia. So one promotional code can be used by new users living in Indonesia, and there are no placement or placement restrictions.

Terms of use of Maxim Promotion Code

Maxim promo code

There are things to consider before you start using the latest maxim promotional code. First, make sure you meet the terms and conditions that apply. You can read the terms below:

  1. It is mandatory to install the latest Maxim customer application.
  2. Is a new user in the Maxim app.
  3. Have an active mobile number, even if it is used for WhatsApp, your phone number must be active, friends.
  4. Have a stable internet connection. This requirement is not difficult, because almost all Android users have Internet access.

If all requirements are met, you can use the Maxim promotional code. Aside from getting a discount, are there any other benefits we can get by using this redeem code?

What are the benefits of using Maxim Promotional Code?

Maxim promo code

What are the benefits of using this Maxim promo code? Of course the benefits are undeniable, you will save more if you use this promotional code from maxjm. The first benefit that can be obtained is to get a bonus balance of 10 thousand.

This free balance can be used to reduce travel expenses by up to 10%. Of course, this is very useful, very good for saving expenses.

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The benefits of the Maxim promotional code can be felt for new users who want to experience a discount on travel costs. This code can be used throughout Indonesia

Maxim is an online transport company that has spread all over Indonesia. So if you use this Maxim redemption or promotional code, you can use it to travel anywhere.

From Sabang to Merauke, the Reedem Maxim code can still be used. As long as you meet the requirements that the administrator explained earlier.

Where can I get the Maxim promo code?

Many people do not know that every user of this application gets a profitable code. And many are also asking where we can get this Reedem Maxim code.

Yes, for those of you who still have questions about the Maxim Promotional Code, the Administrator provided at the beginning of this article. But you can also look for other Redeem Maxim codes on.

Enter in the search field which redemption code you are looking for. Then later information will appear about the keywords you entered earlier. The administrator from will always update the latest information related to this application, especially the latest code for the Indonesian region.

Latest Maxim promo code

There is more information, for you loyal Maxi users, the administrator will give you a leak about the latest Maxim Redeem code. This is the latest promotional code below:

Maxim’s latest promotional code Example: DRV22472443

It’s easy, here’s how to get bonus with Maxim code

The following administrator describes how to claim the Maxim Code Bonus:

  1. First, install the Maxim Customer application, you can get this application in the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Click the menu in the lower right corner and then click Login.
  3. Then enter your number and click on request code.
  4. After logging in, please click on the bonus program
  5. Then enter the promotional code DRV22472443 and click on assets.
  6. You will automatically get a maximum customer balance of Rp. 10,000.
  7. Please check the bonus by clicking on cash and select the non-cash balance section.
  8. Done, congratulations your balance is 10,000.
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With the extra 10,000 non-cash balance for free, you can order maximum services using non-cash balance payments.

Vital Records

The description below is only additional information for those of you who may have questions.

Things like the above can only be used by new users, while users of the hangb maxim application have not been able to use it for a long time.

In addition, this code can be used for all trips in Indonesia’s territory, even new Maxim account users

Promotions like this are officially issued by this one application, and here the administrator continues, so Maxim users are easier to find this number.

The solution code will always be updated at certain times for all users, but for now, new users can only use the campaign that the administrator has shared in this article.

The last word

It was the Maxim promotional code that new users can use with a discount of up to 10 percent. Hopefully useful and use the code now.

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