Live Score Apk Download latest version 2022 for Android for FREE

Live Score Apk Download latest version 2022 for Android for FREE

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Krisetya Tech- Live score apk is an application that is very useful for you football lovers in the world and Indonesia. With this application you can very easily see the results of all the leagues. If you are interested in this application, you can get the link through the article below.

Sport is actually a thing that is very beneficial for health, it can even be said to be quite popular both in Indonesia and the world. For now, sports already have different types, everything from athletics, volleyball, football, badminton and so on. And of course, one of the most popular sports in the world is football.

Of course, football is one of the most exciting and interesting sports to watch, either live or virtual. Of course, it is not difficult to watch football today, because you can only do it with a smartphone. Even now there are several streaming platforms and also see the results of match results from all leagues in the world.

For that, we will on this occasion discuss a platform whose function is to see the results of the match, namely live score apk. You need to know that this application is not only capable of seeing results but can also stream football matches. The main function, however, is to see the results of the football match results.

If you are curious about this live score apk, then you do not need to worry about it. Because as a blog that is always updated with interesting news, we will discuss it. For that, if you are a football lover and are curious about the application, please see the following information.

What is Live Score Apk?

What is Live Score Apk

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Live score is an application that allows you to see the results of matches in world leagues, including Spain, Italy, England and the Champions League. This live score apk is very useful if you do not watch a football match and do not know the score. Now with this application you can easily see the score of the lost match.

You need to know that this livescore apk is not only capable of watching football match results. However, there are other sports such as tennis, basketball and hockey where you can see the result. And what is more interesting with this application is that you can see football match results of more than 1000. Of course, this is very useful for you football lovers.

This livescore apk is also very easy to use, so users have no trouble seeing the results of the match results. In fact, the score is one that is important to know, especially for those of you who like football matches.

How interesting is it not, do you want to try it right away? If so, download the application. So how to download live score apk for this issue, you need not worry. For below we will share how to download it, so let’s take a good look at the information.

Download Live Score Apk See ball score easily

Download Live Score Apk See ball score easily

You must know that it is very easy to download from streaming platforms and see this score, you can also download it directly on Playstore. Because the platform already offers this points view application. But for those of you who want to download it on a website, you can go through this Krisetya Techblog.

Because we will provide a download link for this live score apk and you do not have to worry about not being able to do so because the method is very simple. You just need to have a network and internet quota that is enough so that you can download this application directly.

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Now there is no need to hesitate for those of you who want to download this application for viewing football match results, so click on the link we have provided in the specifications below.

Program name Live Score Apk File size 36 MB Latest version 5.14 Download link

Other similar apps for Live Score

Other similar apps for Live Score

Did you know that the ball viewing application is not just a live score, but there are many that in function are similar to the platform we described. Well, our goal is to share this so that if you are unable to access the live result, you can use the application that we are going to share with you. So what are the applications? If you can not wait, let’s see more information.

1. Sofa score

Another platform similar to live score apk for viewing match statistics is sofascore. This application has the same function, namely to see the scores for football matches, and there are even 17 more you can see. Apart from that, you can not only watch football matches, but there are several other sports like MotoGP, tennis and so on.

2. 365 points

Another points display application similar to live score apk is 365 points. Of course, this application also has the same main function as live score apk, even on this platform it also provides cool features. So that users can easily use it to watch football matches. And the cool features in question include the following:

  • You can get information about your favorite club that will be broadcast on TV
  • It is a guide when you want to see the match result
  • There are more than 100 matches to watch
  • Sports in it can reach up to 10 categories
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3. Onefootball Live Soccer Scores

The next point-scoring application similar to the live-score apk is onefootball live football results. This application is quite popular among football lovers because many have accessed it through the Google Playstore.

This platform is not only able to see match results, but you can also get news regarding player transfers, see positions and so on. So for that, we recommend that you football lovers can immediately try this one application.

4. Forza Football

The latest scoreboard application similar to live score apk and you can use is Forza Football. Please note that this application is the right one for you to see football match results. Because in it you can see scores from 420 matches or leagues in the world.

The leagues that can be seen are quite popular, including the Champions League, Copa America, World Cup, Euro and so on. In fact, you can also see player transfers in each season, so we say that this application is very useful for those of you who are crazy about football.

The last word

It was the discussion about live score apk and also other applications that you can use to see match results, especially football. Hopefully the information above can be useful for you football lovers both in Indonesia and in the world. Thank you for stopping by, and if there are any errors, we sincerely apologize.

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