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Security Cameras without WiFi: Is It the Best Option?

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While the majority of security cameras available on the market today are required a wireless network connection, there are several security cameras without WiFi that can work just fine. However, you will not be able to receive immediate notifications the moment your security system detects some motions, switch your camera on and off, or view live video.

However, if you are planning to install a wireless surveillance camera without having to be connected to Wifi, you don’t need to worry as there are options you can do for connecting your surveillance system to cameras that aren’t Wifi powered.

While the wireless network is the most popular security camera system, it is by no means the only option to have a surveillance camera installed in your home. Keep reading to get a thorough comprehension of how security cameras are able to function without a wireless network.

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Pros and Cons of Using Security Cameras without WiFi


Wireless surveillance cameras are one of the most popular security systems that do not significantly need an internet connection despite the name being wireless. Instead, some of these cameras come with a feature that can record video directly into hard drives or microSD cards.

IP cameras are what the security cameras without WiFi are called. They might or might not come with a cellular backup. The backup doesn’t connect the camera to the network, yet it will connect to specialized surveillance teams should this system is available.

That way, the teams may provide a response when they detect motions while the security cameras are activated. To summarize, not every wireless surveillance cameras require internet access. However, the majority of them do, and some professionally recommend ones that can connect to the internet.

Certainly, there are benefits and drawbacks to almost anything, so let’s delve a little more into the advantages and disadvantages of using security cameras without WiFi.


  1. No additional fees
    A bunch of WiFi-connected surveillance cameras typically charge the user additional monthly or annual fees for obtaining cloud storage. If you opt not to purchase cloud storage, you certainly don’t have to spend any more money besides the equipment expenses. Your footage will instead be saved on a physical device.
  2. Less prone to data theft
    Security cameras without WiFi allow you to record some footage that you can view later. If this camera system is installed in public places, this type of camera is generally less prone to data leak. The reason is simple, if something isn’t web-connected, then there is less chance of your digital data is being theft.
  3. On even if there’s a power outage
    Another huge advantage of using a wireless security camera system without the need for WiFi is that they are not reliant on a power supply. Should there is a blackout, this system will keep working and recording footage, unlike the one that requires internet access.
  4. No impact on speed rate
    One of the most obvious pros of using security cameras without WiFi is that it will not impact the speed rate of your wireless network as they don’t require any internet data. This will make a good option for homeowners with relatively slow WiFi.


  1. Unable to view live footage
    Using a surveillance camera without the internet has a number of drawbacks, one of which is being unable to view live footage. Obtaining real-time access to the occurrences in your home allows you to take immediate action to prevent any further incidents from happening.
  2. Options available in the market are fairly limited
    Another consideration you will have to keep in mind when purchasing security cameras without WiFi is the availability in the market. Although you can still find this type of camera, the majority instead require decent network access. Thus, carefully consider what type of surveillance camera you need the most.
  3. Installation process is rather difficult
    The installation process of a security camera that does not support WiFi typically requires more time and effort than installing one that does. Furthermore, you will need more specific tools to get the job done. You will also need to take your time to carefully think about where you would like to put your cameras.
  4. Lack of cloud storage
    If you install security cameras without WiFi in your home, then you should know that your footage will not be saved to cloud storage since the footage will be recorded on local storage, such as hard drives or microSD cards. If you to create some backup files, you will need to do it on your own.
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How to Connect Security Cameras without WiFi to a Laptop

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The process is relatively simple and below is the items you will need to prepare:

  • IP camera
  • Power supply
  • Laptop
  • UTP cables

Here’s the tutorial to connect your security cameras to a laptop without WiFi

  1. Connect the power supply and UTP cables to the IP camera
    You simply need to connect the network cable from your camera to your laptop. The procedure is very much the same for electrical power. For the UTP cables, you may either use category 5e or category 6 should you require long cables.
  2. Set up the IP address of the camera
    Go to the camera’s settings and set the IP address to the very same range as your laptop’s IP address. You may use similar settings for the remainder of the setup. Both your laptop and camera are linked directly through UTP cables. Therefore, your laptop will not be using WiFi access since it’s not generally attached to a WiFi router.
  3. Open the IP camera through a laptop browser
    Last but not least, launch your web browser and enter the IP address of your security camera. Enter the username and correct password to get access to the camera. Now, you have successfully connected your cameras to a laptop without WiFi.

While security cameras without WiFi are still available in the market, they lack the benefits of today’s smart surveillance cameras, such as the ability to monitor your house remotely with a network connection. Yet again, everything is dependent on your preference, but let’s hopes this article can help you in getting to your objective.

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