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Select All on Mac Using Keyboard and Mouse for All Purposes (Items or Texts)

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Do you have a new Mac and still confused how to select all on Mac? You are not the only one—and it’s a good thing that you come in this page. Selecting and deselecting are two basic functions that people need to operate the computer well. Making a selection is often carried out when you are dealing with text or files. Making selections can also be used when you are working to create a design/illustration.

If you are already accustomed to use Windows and not Mac, you will know shortly that it is a super-easy thing to make selection using Windows PCs. Just press Ctrl and place a click on the desired items (files, specially), or use Shift and arrow keys to select text. In terms of select all, things will never get easier than pressing Ctrl and A. But aren’t such controls different in Mac? How to select all on Mac?


Select All on Mac: It’s not as Tricky as You Think

selectr all on mac

Switching from other operating systems to Mac may be a great decision. Why? It’s not easy to learn using a new operating system—even though it seems like people can use it easily. Although it may be difficult at first, as you need to use the computer, you’ll need to learn it after all.

To select all on Mac isn’t that different with that in Windows. There are two kinds of performing select all on Mac. First, you can rely on keyboard buttons, or relying on pointer to select all files, texts, folders, etc. Let’s talk about that deeper in the next subheadings below.


Select All on Mac Using Keyboard

If you are using your PC keyboard in order to make selection, you should get acquainted to Command button first. The Command button is symbolized like this: . Now, find the button with the symbol like that in your keyboard. Typically, there are two Command buttons on your Mac keyboard—which are located in the left and right side of the space bar.

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  • Selecting all items in Mac’s Finder

To start using the button to select all on Mac to select items on your Mac’s Finder, you can do these steps below.

  1. First, open the folder containing the files you want to select.
  2. Place your pointer inside the window. This is done to make sure that the window is activated. Otherwise, select all on Mac will not work.
  3. Once you are there, press ⌘ and ‘A’ button. This combination is done to select all items on the activated Finder window.
  4. Now you can proceed to do whatever you want—be it copying the files, cutting it and moving it somewhere, or even deleting the files.


  • Selecting all texts in Mac

If you want to copy or cut all text and place it on a new document, you can do it as well with Command button. To do that:

  1. Just as the step shown before, open the document whose text you want to select using the compatible application.
  2. As you open the document, place your pointer inside the text body.
  3. Press ⌘ and ‘A’ button. By doing this, you are performing select all on Mac. Following this step, you can do whatever you want to do for the text—be it copying it, cutting it, or even deleting it.
  4. Alternately, you can click on ‘Edit’ or ‘View’ from the menu bar, and then choose ‘Select All’.


Select All on Mac Using Your Mouse or Trackpad

As you can do as well with other operating systems, selecting all files and texts can also be done using mouse or Mac’s trackpad. This method is also an easy one to do as you don’t need to know the shortcut buttons in order to select all items on Mac.

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The step by step of selecting all items or text in Mac using your mouse and trackpad will be shown as follows:


  • Selecting all items on Mac’s Finder using mouse

  1. First, make sure your mouse is connected to the PC if you’re using it.
  2. Once you make sure that the mouse is working properly, continue by launching the folder in which the files are located.
  3. Place your pointer on the top left side of the files. Make sure to place it on the blank space—not on the individual file instead.
  4. Left-click your pointer, then drag the pointer to cover all files located on the folder. Make sure all files are selected.
  5. You can continue by copying the file, moving it somewhere, or simply deleting it.


The procedure above will be best done if the items inside the folder are displayed as icons. Otherwise, if the items are displayed as lists, you can perform the selection using this step-by-step below:

  1. First, make sure your mouse is connected to the PC and is working properly.
  2. Then, locate the folder in which the files are located.
  3. Continue by clicking on the uppermost file. Then, do a left-click on it, once.
  4. Press Shift, and then scroll down until you get the last file on the list.
  5. On that last file on the list, place a left-click once. That’s how to select all items on the folder given that the items are displayed as a list.


  • Selecting all items on a document using mouse

In order to select all on Mac with a mouse, especially in a document, you can do these steps below:

  1. Once you make sure that the mouse is attached and working properly, continue by placing the cursor before the first character of the text.
  2. Left-click once and then hold the click as you drag the selector throughout the whole text.
  3. Make sure everything is selected and you can do anything to the selected text.
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You may also consider using Shift button to select all on Mac, specifically to select texts. Similar to the procedure above, you will need to place the cursor before the first text. Then, scroll down and as you reach the bottom part of the text, press Shift and place the cursor after the last character of your text. Your text will automatically be highlighted—the sign that the selection is already made.

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