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Krisetya Tech- Stick War Legacy is a game that carries the theme of a strategy game currently being played. Especially if you can upgrade or upgrade prematurely. The game certainly feels more fun.

Stick War Legacy Mod APK is a game application that has been modified. So if you previously could not upgrade your item, you can now upgrade it. And you can do whatever you want.

Okay, maybe you’re already curious about what features are available in this Stick War Legacy Mod APK. And you may also be confused about how to download it. No worries, just see the explanation below.

What is Stick War Legacy?

What is Stick War Legacy

Stick War Legacy is one of the most popular and highest rated games on the internet of all time.

This game is a game with an abstract and strategy theme designed to refine the strategy you will use to defeat your opponent.

Stick War Legacy is a game with a combination of new features and graphics to complement the core game of the original Stick War.

One of the main features of the game is its greater sophistication compared to the 2009 iteration.

Due to the rapid growth of available technology and better creative direction since its release as part of the development of the game series.

For the most part, the main additions to the game are from the original leather, diamonds and spells, which are stored in this version of the game. Regardless of which files the player uses in the game.

You can buy diamonds for real money in the “Diamond” menu, while leather and spells with precious stones can be bought in the “Skin” and “Shop” menus, respectively.

Play Stick War Legacy

Play Stick War Legacy

The Stick War Legacy game in this series is currently divided into four game modes. Basically, this game has only one mode.

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The other three modes added later in the game are based on the same core of the game, but you can customize them to suit your gameplay, whether it be tournaments, situational or endless survival missions and zombie missions.


This promotion is the standard for the main story of the game, in a style similar to the previous version of the game. Priorities between building a good economy and a strong fleet.

Each step uses a classic spin where the player moves around the map. Crush the resistance of the rebels and attack outside threats along the way.

Crown of Inamorta

Inamorta’s crown is a tournament mode where players compete against 12 artificial intelligences.

Fight Ruth, Blake, Sydney, Zane, Willow, Finn, Crazy Gay, Wesley, Maverick, Cruz, Cyrus and Z4CK.

Each of them has its own game with different tactics and appearances. You must defeat them to get the title “Crown of Inamorta”.

There are 3 basic difficulties that will change the color of the crown and make the artificial intelligence stronger.

The color gives them better skills, or just increases their overall intelligence.

There are also 5 types of game systems (Classic, Gold Rush, Barricade, Deathmatch and Super Deathmatch) that you can play against the computer.

Endless Dead

Endless Deads is a survival-based game mode where you and your army grow up to fight an endless horde of dead.

Then a new device appears with different abilities to destroy your statue and kill the last person inside.

Between each incoming wave you will receive two upgrade points that you can use on request, just like in regular promotion mode.

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But once the enemy statue has been destroyed, your game will be saved in this mode and the game will be rematched.

Weekly assignments

This weekly mission mode is a mode where you will receive missions that will increase your level.

These missions are usually accepted on Fridays, and you must defeat unique bosses and their units that are very difficult to beat.

What is the difference between Stick War Legacy Original and Mod

Maybe you already know how to play the original or original Stick War Legacy version.

But the difference is in this mod version, several modifications have been made to make your game run easier than it should.

There are features that are only available in the mod version. Because the mod version is provided for this purpose.

Some of the excellent features of the Stick War Legacy Mod APK are as follows.

  • Unlock everything. When you start playing the mod version now, you will be able to do almost everything in the game. This will make you addicted to playing.
  • Unlock all existing skins. You do not have to collect diamonds to buy leather. You just choose which skin you like.
  • Unlock new weapons. You must use the key to unlock new weapons provided by this mod version.
  • Unlock new grades. You can unlock new characters when you finish the game. More than 5 new characters will be unlocked when you start it for the first time.
  • Unlimited money. You can buy anything with this unlimited money given.
  • Unlimited number of diamonds. You also get diamonds that do not end.
  • Free upgrades. You do not need to spend money or diamonds when you want to upgrade your weapons or troops.

How to download and install Stick War Legacy Mod APK

After you know what the Stick War Legacy Mod APK is and how the gameplay is. You probably can not wait to play it.

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You can also be curious and ask questions about how to download and install the application on your smartphone. If so, follow the steps below.

Click the link here to download Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

  1. First of all, click on the download link that we have built into this article.
  2. Then press the download or download button and wait for the download process to complete.
  3. When the download is complete, open the folder / file manager on your phone.
  4. Locate the Stick War Legacy Mod APK file that you downloaded earlier.
  5. If this is the first time you are installing a program through the file manager, a warning will appear later during the installation process.
  6. To overcome this, you can open settings and activate permissions from unknown sources.
  7. Then install the Stick War Legacy Mod APK application that you downloaded earlier.
  8. Wait until the installation process is complete and you can play it immediately.
  9. Finished.

The last word

It was an explanation of the Stick War Legacy Mod APK based on what Stick War Legacy is, what the features are, how to play it and how to download and install the application. Thank you for visiting our article. Sorry if there are still many shortcomings. See you again in another article.

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