how to add social media icons to wordpress

The 8 Steps on How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

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This article will inform you on how to add social media icons to WordPress. You may want to add it to your menu, but you do not know how to do it. So, you can learn it here.

Use the navigation menus on your WordPress to ease the process. Besides, it can display social media icons in any widget area at your WordPress. Here is some advantageous information.

Why You Should Have Social Media Icons in the Menus

Adding your social media icons to WordPress can give you multiple advantages. Moreover, its menus give you more benefits in adding social media icons. It allows you to change the order of their appearance by simply dragging and dropping the interface.

It is also possible for you to use third-party plugins. So, you can display your social media icons in the sidebar. Unfortunately, this solution is not a flexible option.

You can not only drag but also drop the interface at ease. Aside from that, you can display your social media icons to the available widget area. It allows you to display the icons on the sidebar, below posts, footer area, or other options.

how to add social media icons to wordpress

The Process How to Add Social Media Icons to WordPress

The below explanation can guide you step by step. Let’s read and learn it carefully.

  1. Start your process by installing and activating the Menu Image plugin. If you want to know further about installing a WordPress plugin, you can browse it.
  2. After you activate it, you have to go to the Appearance feature. Next, choose the Menus page. This part allows you to create a new menu.
  3. Add the custom links. This stage allows you to add it separately for each social media channel. You can place each of them on your new menu.
  4. Under each menu, you will find the option for a menu image button. You can upload the icon in this section. You can upload multiple icons on hover to the main icon image.
  5. Continue by picking a size for the icon. The image size has multiple options, and you have to select the same size. Having the same size will not break your menu area.
  6. Find a proper position to display each social media name and icon. You can also display it without the labels. If this one is your option, you need to click the Hide option located below the Title position.
  7. Repeat this step to each social media icon that you are required to.
  8. After you finish adding the menu, you have to pick the display location. Tap the Save Menu key to end your process. You can visit your website now and see the icons in the menu.
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It is also possible for you to add the icon menu in the sidebar. The process is simple to do. Directly go to the Appearance, then reach the Widgets page.

Next, drag the Navigation Menu widget located in the sidebar widget area. Choose the Select Menu and choose the social media menu that you want to add. Finalize your process by tapping the Save button.




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