how to edit mobile version of wordpress site

Top Plugins for Creating Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

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How to edit mobile version of WordPress site – According to Google, 94% of people access the internet through their smartphones. And if you are running a website, you should not underestimate this data. With smartphones as a main device, it will be better if you create a mobile version of your website. This way, you can attract more visitors to your website. Use these recommended WordPress plugins below to create a mobile-friendly WordPress website.


WPTouch is the most popular option for creating a mobile-friendly website. This plugin can help you to change your website to be more friendly for a mobile version without ruining the WordPress theme you use on the desktop version. It also ensures that your mobile version website passes Google Mobile Test, increasing your SEO rank. This plugin also allows you to edit your mobile version WordPress site. WPTouch is available in both free and paid versions.

If you just want to create a mobile-friendly website with basic features, the free version is enough. But if you want to edit several things, such as changing fonts, setting caching options, and developer support, you need to use the premium version.

how to edit mobile version of wordpress site

Jetpack by WordPress

The next recommended plugin for how to edit mobile version of WordPress site is Jetpack by WordPress. If you are already running a WordPress website for a long time, you might be already familiar with this plugin. It is famous as an all-in-one plugin that provides security features and even social media for WordPress. Moreover, Jetpack also provides mobile-friendly themes for your WordPress website. You can easily set up the appearance of your mobile version WordPress site through its settings menu.

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Jetpack by WordPress also allows you to set up some appearance settings, such as the menu and image sizes. It comes with useful, complete features that can optimize your mobile version WordPress site. The good news is that this plugin is available for free for all WordPress users.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack offers progressive web apps that allow you to create a mobile version website according to the standard apps on Android and iPhone. This way, visitors will be able to visit your WordPress site as if they are opening an app on their smartphones. This plugin offers WordPress themes that are very similar to smartphone apps. WordPress Mobile Pack comes in free and premium versions. Its free version covers progressive web app features, such as changing colors and fonts.

If you buy the premium version, you will get more theme options and more free settings.

WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu is the right plugin if you want to focus on creating interesting menus. You probably often find a mobile version website with responsive and pretty themes, but the menu is messy. A messy menu in a mobile version website can make visitors get confused. So, in order to avoid such an issue, you can use WP Mobile Menu. This plugin allows you to modify the menu on your site without ruining its original theme. – How to edit mobile version of WordPress site.


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