Waptrick APK Download Mp3, video, audio, movies, apps, etc. for free

Waptrick APK Download Mp3, video, audio, movies, apps, etc. for free

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oceannesia.id – Waptrick is one of the older sites commonly used for downloading various types of files. In an age of Java phones and Symbian phones, this site can be used to download games to download different types of songs, especially MP3s.

The page does not currently exist because there are no users at all. In addition, the media used for download are no longer used because there are many streaming platforms and also several legal downloads.

However, it never hurts to first listen to what features and benefits this site has, so that it is used by many people. In fact, it is one of the sites that has millions of users every day.

Waptrick in an instant

Waptrick in an instant

Waptrick is a platform that can be used to get different types of media or applications. In the past, this site was used to download various types of MP3 files that were quite difficult to find and usually not legal.

Only armed with this application, you can search for different types of song titles that have good quality. Sometimes there are also songs whose title is correct, but the content inside is incorrect. Because this site is also socially based so anyone can upload files.

Furthermore, this site or platform can also be used to download different types of games. There are many games on offer, ranging from simple games to adventure games that are quite complex and very interesting.

All content here can be used for free and you do not have to pay anything. That is why you can use it to its full potential every day. You can even change games every day because you are bored.

The most important thing is that all Waptrick sites or applications can be used for all types of mobile phones at that time. So there is no difference between smartphones with high specifications or smartphones with low specifications. Anyone can use this platform to the fullest.

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Usable phones

Previously, Waptrick could be used for several types of mobile phones. Here are some phones that can take advantage of the websites or applications offered.

1. Java Phones

Java Phones

The first phone that can be used to use this site is a Java phone. In ancient times, many mobile phones with Java-based operating systems were widely used because they had quite good specifications and were not too heavy.

Usually if you want to use this phone, Waptrick can be accessed using the browser provided there. In addition, you can also use an application that will usually be in the form of a jad or jar. So it can be installed directly to facilitate the opening process.

This phone can be used for many things, especially downloading. Although old Java phones will be difficult to use for the latest releases, they can easily download games, especially games.

2. Symbian phone

Symbian phone

Nokia phone users should be familiar with the version of Symbian used at the time. With a fairly modern operating system in its day, Symbian phones became one of the mainstays of many people downloading games to listen to MP3s.

Websites like Waptrick can be used to download various types of interesting applications. Applications such as music players are usually downloaded directly from here, so you can listen to anything easier and faster.

In addition, the collection of games is also quite diverse so that everyone can play it to the fullest. Thus, there are several things to consider because not all games are compatible with the Symbian version used.

3. Apple Phones

Apple phone

If users use Apple phones or iPhones, they can also download different types of data here. It’s just that the data offered is usually limited and only applies to MP3s or other video media.

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4. Android phone

Android phone

In fact, Android phones can still be used to take advantage of the Waptrick platform if it. Also, early versions of Android phones that have many ads. This platform can still be opened to download different types of media.

Unfortunately on the latest mobile phones as it is now difficult to access the site. You could even say that the site no longer exists because it is no longer relevant to today’s technological development.

Offer of features

Some of the features previously offered by Waptrick consist of the following.

1. Play


The first content that can be obtained through this platform is games or games. By using this site you can get many quality games, ranging from Java games to Symbian games.

If you want to download the game, it is recommended to know in advance what type of mobile phone you are using. If you choose the wrong one, the mobile phone will not be able to force it because each version will have its own specifications.

2. Application


Apart from games, some applications are also easy to find here. Applications are usually related to daily activities, such as to-do lists for multiple applications used to play media, whether it is MP4 or MP3.



Different types of MP3 files can be easily found here. Usually when there are new songs or songs that are in a trance, the MP3 will appear by itself so that everyone can download it easily.

When downloading, you will usually be redirected to several pages in turn. This is because the website or platform wants to offer ads so that they can still make money and offer content for free.

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4. Videos


Content in the form of videos can also be found here in significant quantities. Previously, video content usually had a 3GP format or a slightly high quality mp4 format.

The videos here are usually related to music videos or unique videos. If one can say that the video can be considered viral for the current period.

5. Wallpapers


Background for different types of dancer pictures can also be found here according to the type of mobile phone used. So you can choose your own different types of wallpapers to be used to replace the cover of the mobile phone used.

6. Mobile theme

Mobile theme

Different types of HP themes can also be easily found here, especially for Symbian phone themes. The types are quite varied from standard modified themes to heavily modified themes.

Although the Waptrick page does not currently exist anymore. The legacy or memories given to everyone are enormous. In fact, this site is a source for various types of downloads, whether it is videos or games with good quality and free.

Currently, different types of mobile phones already use Play Store or App Store applications. So if you need an application or a game, someone can download it directly from here. There is no need to use other malicious websites.

However, the use of the Waptrick page will always be remembered by many people. In addition, this site has previously delivered tons of items that are free and provide good entertainment to everyone without exception.

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