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What Does NP Mean? The Definition and Types that You Should Know

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If you are a regular user of the internet, then you may have heard of abbreviated term “NP” and wondered what does NP mean? NP stands for Network Protocol. In the simplest words possible, it is an array of established rules, which determine how the data is formatted, transmitted, and received between computer network devices are able to communicate despite their initial standards, designs, or infrastructures.

The communicating devices must attain and follow the protocols, in order to send and receive data information successfully during the communication exchange. Without the protocols, the devices would not have an idea on how engage between one another – and the internet that you know as of today wouldn’t be able to exist. All users of the network rely on its protocols to gain connectivity virtually.

That is the short explanation for what does NP mean. Keep reading to get more detailed explanation and to learn what types of network protocols used in current world.

network protocol

A Thorough Insight of What Does NP Mean and How Does It Works

As technology keeps developing by days, the numbers of connecting and communicating users who use various types of devices with different languages are increasing as well. This also applies for the increasing numbers of different data transmitting methods utilized by different software.

How is the communication between them possible, then? The answer is because there is a set of standards that govern data communication between users, along with the way the data is treated by their device, which is the NP (Network Protocols). For those of you who want to read more detailed description of what does NP mean, then you have come to the right place as this article will discuss about what this particular technology is about.

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In order to define ‘what does NP mean’, let’s use a simplifying analogue first. You may think of network protocols as the language system used by human. Assumed you’re a native speaker of English, and you don’t speak any other language than English. If you are trying to speak to someone who’s only able to speak French, then the conversation would fail. In this case, you will need a translator who knows both languages to translate so you and the person you communicate with can understand and speak to each other. Now, as the language lets you to communicate properly with other people, so does the NP works – only that it is used by devices instead of human.

So, to answer your question about what does NP mean, it is a fixed set of rules that works to control the data transmission that happened within different devices that use the same network. It basically allows those connected devices to do communication with one another, despite of the prevailing differences in their design, structure, or internet design. Essentially, network protocols are the reason behind people’s communication across the world, thus it has a big role in determining how the digital communications in this modern world are done.

Can you understand better of what does NP mean by reading the comprehensive explanation above? What you have to underline, is that without network protocols, the devices wouldn’t have ability to decipher the electronic signal sent between each other. In this modern world, there are already hundreds of network protocols that have been invented and developed, to be suited with particular environments and purposes.

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network protocol type

What Does NP Mean for Each of the Type?

After you have grasped of what does NP mean and know that there are so many types of it, you may want to know what the types that exist. Here are some examples of the available and utilized network protocols:

  • File Transfer Protocol
    FTP is a protocol that lets user to send files to one another. The file types may be in the form of texts, multimedia, programs, documents, and many others.
  • Gopher
    Gopher is protocol that’s developed for searching, displaying, and retrieving data or documents from sites that are isolated. It is also used in the client/server system.
  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
    You may know it as HTTP. It is the type of protocol that’s used to transmit hypertext between two or multiple systems. It uses HTML tags to create links in the form of images or texts. It is designed for client system server to let it establish connection by making request to the server system. The server then recognizes it and responds as required.
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
    IP is developed and used specifically as the addressing protocol, and it is usually employed along with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). IP addresses works to route the data via different network nodes until it is received by the destination system.
  • Post Office Protocol (POP)
    POP is standard Internet application layer protocol used to retrieve mail server’s emails of clients’ email.
  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
    Well, HTTPS is the standard internet protocol that secures communication between two devices by using fetching data tools, such as web browser from server. It is used to transfer requested data from users’ browsers and the web servers, in the format of hypertext. What makes it different from HTTP is that HTTPS transmits data in encrypted format, to prevent hackers from modifying or interpreting data in the transmission.
  • Simple mail transport Protocol (SMTP)
    SMTP is standard internet communication protocol used in email transmission. Message transfer agents such as mail servers use this protocol to deliver and receive messages.
  • Telnet
    It is a protocol that’s developed to connect between systems, with the process of connecting referred as remote login. The local computer or client computer will request for connection to the system of remote computer that receive the connection.
  • Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
    TCP is a widely used network protocols. It distributes the data transmission into several packet series that are conveyed from a source to a destination. This particular protocol reassembled the message at the data destination.
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By now, you know the complete basic guide of ‘what does NP mean’ and some of its types. The knowledge about network protocols is not relevant for IT professionals or network specialists only, because whether you realize or not, you utilize it every time you connect and use the internet.

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