What is Cisco and What Is it Used For

What is Cisco and What Is it Used For?

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What is Cisco and What Is it Used For? Cisco is a networking company that’s best known for its products. It was founded in 1984 by two entrepreneurs, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner- whose innovation put them on the map with their creation of Local Area Networks or LANs which connected computers over large distances using multiprotocol routers system at just the right time in history when many people were starting to use internet explorer into web browsers!

The Cisco router is an essential piece of equipment in a Wide Area Network. The WAN’s main function is to forward data packets from one LAN (Local Area Network) to another, but it does more than just that! With the help of tables and protocols on this device which manage traffic flows very precisely so they can reach their destinations quickly without getting lost along the way – thank goodness for such innovative technology!

What is Cisco and What Is it Used For

Cisco History

The couple and Sandy Bosack received a patent for their creation of the world’s first networking gateway, which they called Cisco. They worked at different companies but found that computers were not communicating with each other properly so they created this invention in order to solve some problems within departments across multiple organizations as well as provide easier access points between networks outside your own building or office space

A networking company that has been around since 1984, CISCO SYSTEMS INC. is the worldwide leader in connecting different types of systems to one another via the internet. Founded by two computer scientists from Stanford University and now run by more than 3500 employees across 115 countries; their solutions are relied upon heavily by corporations, government agencies (such000), utilities & educational institutions.

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Cisco’s First Products

The first product from Cisco was a networking card for Digital Equipment Corporation computers, and it went on to sell millions. The company’s biggest success came in 1989 when they developed the router which could serve multiple protocols at once; this helped them expand quickly by turning to venture capital firm Sequoia Capital who invested $25 million into their growing business before even putting out any products!

In the ‘90s, Cisco became a household name as it expanded into new areas and earned its first patent for an invention that would revolutionize networking. The company’s leadership in this space lead them to develop products such voice over internet protocol (VOIP) telephone systems or fax machines on top of their traditional routers and switches. 33 patents later with offices worldwide at your disposal you can’t go wrong when choosing Cisco!

Today, Cisco continues to focus on its core areas of routing and switching as well as advanced technologies including IP communications, wireless LANs (local area networks), home networking systems. As the world becomes more connected by 2010; with over 14 billion devices expected to be online, it’s only natural that this evolution means everything from data transmission through voice-over-internet protocol needs a new way of communicating–and thus far no one has come close in terms of innovation than cisco!

What is Cisco and What Is it Used For

The future of video is now a reality as Cisco develops new technologies to transform how we consume content at home or within companies. This includes IP-based television, which will enable communication among radio systems and cell phones without the need for additional hardware.

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Cisco Technology

Cisco Systems has been providing solutions for communication and networking problems since the late 1970s. The company now offers more hardware products, in addition to their software called IOS (Internetwork Operating System). This system optimizes network operations by providing all of its features needed with just one product!

Today, Cisco is announcing a suite of networking technologies and services designed to empower customers with the modern digital age. The new DNA for today’s networks has been built around creating an integrated system that works seamlessly across all systems in order for you—our customer–to move at speed like never before!

SD-Access simplifies your network to make it more friendly for users, devices, and even security. By automated daily activities such as configuration or troubleshooting, you can save time by reducing weeks down into just hours so that breaches will happen less often too!

Cisco Certificate

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

Networking is crucial to any company’s success, and it’s often the first thing that companies invest in when they startup. It can be difficult for a newbie network administrator (or “newbie” as they’re sometimes called) to get their head around all of these different aspects but this structured introduction should make things easier by teaching you how networks function from top-to-bottom.

What are some key terms everyone needs to know like ‘architecture’, ‘protocol’? Are there certain types of models I need? What does port access mean on my switch instead of just saying “ports?” There will even be time spent creating simple LAN connections, which might come in handy later down the line!

By achieving the CCNA RS certification, IT people will be able to handle networks with capacities of up to 250-500 users. The first level certification teaches every basic concept needed for more advanced certifications including IP networking and cryptography theory that are required in order to become a Network Administrator or Security Manager today!

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What is Cisco and What Is it Used For

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional)

The CCNP certification is the second level of experience that contains material-deepening as well more complex cases. Through this certificate, IT professionals will be able to handle networks with capacities of 500-2000 users and are multiarea in nature (Note: The requirement for participating in the Cisco Certified Network Professional training program is that you have mastered your understanding from previous CNA course).

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert)

The CCIE is a highly coveted and in-depth certification that requires mastery of all networking materials up to speed with Service Provider connectivity. With this level of expertise, every IT person can now offer their clients 2000 user capacity networks!

Cisco Functions

This application is a great tool for those who want to learn about designing networks. It allows you to make your own designs and understand how they are applied in the real world, which can be important when we’re talking about making decisions on such matters that could have large impacts financially or physically.


Cisco is a company that is engaged in network technology as quoted from Cisco’s slogan, namely “welcome to the human network” Welcome to the world of networking.


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