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When Xbox is Turn off Storage Feature: Know What It Means and How to Turn It On

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‘When Xbox is off turn off storage’ may sound uncanny for one that doesn’t use Xbox, but if you do, you may wonder what that sentence truly means. Now that you have reached this page, you will get some insight about what the sentence means, followed by some useful explanation and information that may help to enhance your gaming experience with Xbox. If you need to download any video on social media, you can try Vidmate Mod Apk. Vidmate is an app for download any video in all social media platform. Try the mod apk right now, you can access premium feature for free!

Xbox is just the Microsoft version PlayStation and Nintendo—and it’s been popular as one of the gaming gadgets currently on the hype. Some people may even think that Xbox is one of the best gaming consoles to have, and Xbox lovers will surely give no disagreement to you, especially that you can download updates even when the ‘fun machine’ is off. Therefore, anytime you turn on the gadget, newly installed gadget is ready to use. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

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When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage’: What Does It Mean?

The sentence can be found in Xbox settings. It may sound confusing for some, but if you have been using Xbox for a while, you should have known what the sentence ‘when Xbox is off turn off storage’ sentence means.

As you and many others have known, Xbox has its internal storage. Typically, you will get either 500 GB or the doubled version of it (1 TB) of internal memory. The memory is used mostly for the games and several additional apps, while the rest will go to store the software itself, your game progress, etc.

You can add additional or external storage that you need to purchase separately. This is not a compulsory thing to do, but you can boost your gaming experience if you get one. You know, you can store more games and play it along as long as your storage does not run out of space.

That turn-off-storage-thing is related to how you steer your storage away from downloading updates (for games and apps) automatically, when your Xbox device is turned off. In default, you will be able to download those directly—even when the console is not switched on. You can set the storage to ‘off’ by following a specific, simple procedure.

This is an optional feature that the Xbox provides, though, and you do not always need to tick the ‘when Xbox is off turn off storage’ checkbox. Any time you plan to update the game even when the console is turned off, you better let the checkbox unticked. Aside from getting automatic updates, by leaving the checkbox unticked, you can have additional perks and disadvantages that you can see in further explanation.


How to Enable When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage and What Effect It Will Bring

It is pretty easy to disable your storage from taking up additional update when the Xbox is turned off. You can follow this procedure in order to enable ‘When Xbox is off turn off storage’.

    1. First, connect your Xbox to the internet and to your TV.
    2. Turn on your Xbox and press the ‘Homebutton on your controller once you arrive on the Home screen.
    3. Go to ‘System’ and pick ‘Settings.
    4. Scroll down until you find ‘Power & Startup’ and go to ‘Power mode & Startup
    5. Ensure that you turn on ‘Instant-on’ power mode first. To do that, put your cursor on ‘Power mode’, click on it and choose ‘Instant-on’. You can see that by picking this mode, you will be able to:
      • Be able to turn on the console even only with your voice;
      • Have quicker startup; and
      • Turn TV with your console.

      Another option that you can use in Xbox is Energy-saving mode. If your console is using this mode, you will not be able to tick on ‘When Xbox is off turn off storage’ option.

    6. Once you make sure that you use Instant-on mode, you can proceed by moving a bit to the right, and tick the relevant box. By doing so, your storage will proceed to turn off as well if the console is turned off.

What is the effect that you’ll get if you turn on this option? First, your storage will not be affected anytime an update notification is sent to you. It means the update will be postponed until you turn on the console.

This will be very beneficial if you use a metered connection in order to ‘power up’ your Xbox with internet. By ticking the checkbox on ‘When Xbox is off turn off storage’ feature, you can save your precious internet limit and use it accordingly. This is because the updates will not be preceded without you being acknowledged about it.


When Xbox is Off Turn Off Storage: How to Cancel

Cancelling this feature means you will no longer set the Xbox storage to postpone downloading the updates anytime it is sent you your gadget. Therefore, you should know that your internet quota will be taken in order to download the updates. Plus, it will let the device to install the updates altogether.

In the good side, disabling When Xbox is off turn off storage feature lets the device to directly download the updates without waiting for your consent. This can be a good feature to choose if you want your Xbox to stay updated with the latest features. You don’t have to wait for the download, as everything is set during the time it is off.

In order to cancel this feature, you can simply tick off the relevant checkbox. To do that:

  1. Go to your Home screen, and navigate to System.
  2. Choose Then, choose ‘Power & Startup’.
  3. Continue by choosing ‘Power mode and Startup’.
  4. Tick off the relevant check box or simply set the power mode to ‘Energy saving’.
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To sum it up, the ‘When Xbox is off turn off storage’ feature is great to use if you want to save your storage from automatic updates when the console is turned off. By switching this feature on, you can avoid adding more files to your storage (both internal and external) after updates. Plus, this feature will be great if you use a metered internet connection—given that when this feature is turned on, you will be able to postpone the updates until you turn on the Xbox back.

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