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Why is Google Maps So Slow and How to Make It Faster?

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Many people often have this question of why is Google Maps so slow in their minds. Indeed, Google Maps is one of the most important applications you should have on your phone. With the help of this app, you can find the routes, and locate your destinations so easily. To operate Google Maps, you will have to be supported by good internet connection. Even so, sometimes the app still lags and works slowly. Here are some reasons why and how to deal with it. Let’s check them one by one.


Why is Google Maps So Slow? Check Your Google Map Version

The first reason and probably the main reason why is Google Maps so slow is because the app version is outdated. When you try to save storage or spare some spaces for the phone, you would most likely to turn off automatic update on Google Playstore. This has some risks, though, and one of the most profound risks is not to have the latest updates on your app, including Google Maps. To fix this problem, follow these steps.

  1. Open Google Playstore
    To start the updating process, you need to go to Playstore. Every Android device has Playstore in it as this is the program to find all apps and to download any types of apps that you need to install on the device.
  2. Tap on “Profile”
    On the top right of the screen, find your profile icon. If you have set a profile picture, the profile will have the icon of your Google profile picture. Now, tap on the profile icon to enter your profile and see your apps.
  3. Select “Manage Apps & Device”
    There are several options in the profile section, and you should tap the one that says “Manage Apps and Device”. This is the section to examine all the apps you have downloaded to your device.
  4. Select “Update Available”
    Next, you will see some options. To update Google Maps and find the solution of why is Google Maps so slow, you need to find the “Update Available” list. There, the list of outdated apps can be seen, and you should be able to tell which apps will be expired soon. One of them might be Google Maps, and that is the one you need to update immediately.
  5. Select “Google Maps”
    Now, tap on “Google Maps”. If the app is indeed outdated, you should find the “Update” button right next to it. To update the app, all you have to do is pressing that button and it will all be done.
  6. Start Updating
    Now that the app is updating, wait until the update is finished, and that it is fully installed on your phone. After it is done, try to open and operate the newly updated Google Maps.
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Google Maps is So Slow because the Caches are Full

As we know, every app on the phone is using data, and it creates caches or some people prefer to call them “junk files”. If you are not checking and cleaning up your phone regularly, surely those cache files and app data will pile up and make the phone works slowly, including when you are trying to open Google Maps. Therefore, in order to end that question of why is Google Maps so slow, clear the caches. The steps can be found below.

  1. Go to “Apps and Notifications”
    Open your phone and you need to go to “Setting”. There, scroll down to find the option “Apps and Notifications”. Tap on that option.
  2. Select “View All Apps”
    Now, select the “View All Apps” options. You should be able to see all apps you install on the phone, including Google Maps, of course.
  3. Locate “Google Maps” and Tap
    Among those many apps, you should find and locate Google Maps. It has the icon of its signature location pin. Once you find it, tap the Google Map icon.
  4. Select “Storage and Cache”
    There will be more options appear on the screen, and now you are ready for the next step to finally get rid of “why is Google Maps so slow” problem. To do that, select “Storage and Cache”. Tap on it, and you should be able to clean up those junk files there.
  5. Start Clearing Storage and Cache
    Start cleaning up the storage or app data, and then cleaning up the caches. Wait until the process is done, and then restart your phone. Once the phone is restarted, try opening up the Google Map and you won’t find it lagging anymore.
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Your Internet Connection is Slow

As stated before, in order to use Google Maps, you need internet connection. Yes, internet connection is mandatory for all Android devices anyway because without it, the device cannot be operated at all. Sometimes, the answer to the question of why is Google Maps so slow is laid on the internet connection itself. In this case, if the internet connection is so slow, the operation of Google Maps will be sluggish as well.

If the problem is indeed on the internet connection, you should try to restart your device. Also, if you are in the area where Wi-Fi is available, opt to have Wi-Fi as your internet connection. Wi-Fi tends to be more stable and work faster. In addition, check your data provider and data plan as well to ensure you are eligible to access internet in the first place. Therefore, you won’t face any problems of why is Google Maps so slow.

Based on the information above, you can try several different ways to make sure the Maps application on your phone won’t work too sluggishly. All you have to do is making sure the app is fully updated to the newest version, as well as free from piling junk on its app data. The most important thing is probably the internet connection. Well, the connection should be fast enough, so you won’t have to deal with “why is Google Maps so slow” question anymore.

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