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Tips and Guide on What to Do If Your Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

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It is not exactly a super rare occurrence to find Windows users who complain that their Windows Explorer keeps crashing. Also known as File Explorer, this file management tool works to provide and provide so many functions. That is why having it constantly crashing will result in inability to use the computer properly.

If you are currently facing this exact problem, then you may want to read several possible solutions to resolve the issue of Windows Explorer keeps crashing below. Before that, however, you can also read various functions of File Explorer, that’s provided in the very next section of this article.


What You Won’t Be Able To Do If Your Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing

Windows Explorer keeps crashing

Windows Explorer is a browser for file that’s available in each and every Microsoft Windows version since the version of Windows 95. There is no doubt that it is amongst the most essential part of Windows operating system, because it gives the users access to the folders and files stored in their computer. The File Explorer is used to manage and navigate the computer’s folders, files, and drives.

Now, if your Windows Explorer keeps crashing, there’d be so many things you cannot do on your computer. That’s including:

  • Open your document
    Microsoft Windows has very user-friendly interface that allows their users to discover their documents easily. By default, the documents are going to be stores in ‘My Documents’ section of the Explorer, which obviously won’t be accessible if the app won’t run smoothly.
  • Open your computer’s program
    Most installed programs have their shortcuts available at Start screen or menu. However, the full package of the program is available through Windows Explorer. There is no way you can open the programs’ package if the Explorer continue to crash down.
  • Search folder or file
    Explorer has a Search tab that allows you to locate and open folders and files on the computer. This feature won’t be available if your File Explorer app cannot be accessed.
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How to Fix Windows Explorer Keeps Crashing Issue

Windows Explorer keeps crashing

Now, if you’re currently encountering the problem of your Windows Explorer keeps crashing, there are some fixing methods worth to try. Here are several ways worth to try to tackle the problem.

Update your Windows’ system

The first reason why the File Explorer constantly crashes is because you’re using old Windows system and it needs to be updated. Old system may still carry some bugs or issues that are resolved in the newer version. Here’s how to check and update your Windows’ system version:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu by pressing ‘Windows + I’ keys.
  2. Once the menu is opened, click on ‘Update and Security’ menu options.
  3. Go to the left area of the screen and select ‘Windows Update’, then go to the right area and click ‘Check for Updates’.
  4. If there’s an available update, then download it immediately.
  5. After the updates are successfully downloaded, restart the computer.

Shut off Quick Access feature

Quick Access is a feature that provides easier accessibility to folder son your computer, but it may cause crashing issue on your Explorer. Here’s how to disable it:

  1. Open ‘File Explorer Options’ and choose ‘General’.
  2. Press to select ‘Open File Explorer to this PC’.
  3. Remove the check on the option that says ‘Show frequently used folders in Quick Access’.
  4. Remove the check on the option that says ‘Show recently used files in Quick Access.’
  5. Apply the change and then click on the menu ‘OK’.

Repair corrupt drives and files

Another reason behind why your Windows Explorer keeps crashing is because of corrupted drives of files on the computer system. It will be very hard to manually detect the damaged drives and files, and to fix them. That’s why you need to use the following method to resolve this issue, which will require you to use command prompt. Here are the needed steps to do so:

  1. Press ‘Windows + R’ keys simultaneously and then type ‘cmd.’
  2. On the command windows, type ‘sfc/scannow’ and then hit the enter key.
  3. Type ‘chkdsk’ command and then wait for the fixing process of your drives by the system.

Deactivate antivirus programs on your computer

The next possible reason of why the Windows Explorer keeps crashing is because of 3rd party program. There are plenty of apps that may cause the issue, but amongst them, the most plausible culprit is the antivirus program.

To resolve the problem, you only need to disable the program. Regardless of what antivirus program that you are using, you need to launch the app and turn off its protection for your computer system. Then, see if it can tackle the crashing issue on your Explorer.

Divide the processes on your Windows Explorer

File Explorer usually only use one process on most computer. It means that each opened Windows on this app is being stacked into a single processing system, which may cause some stability problems, especially if your computer is older and slower.

If the reason behind why your Windows Explorer keeps crashing is this, then you may want to consider separating the process. When you split and apply this setting, each opened Explorer Window will be run under their own process. Here are several steps on how to do this:

  1. Open the Windows Explorer, then click on ‘File’, and then ‘Change Folder’ and look for the menu of ‘Options’.
  2. Click ‘View Tab’ menu.
  3. Select ‘Advanced Settings’ and then click ‘Launch Folder Windows in Separate Process’ by marking the checkbox.
  4. Apply your setting changes and then press ‘OK’.
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The constant crashing of File Explorer can also be caused by installation problem. Some maintenance performances might be done automatically, so you need to look at the report of performance to see if there’s any issue with it. The most common reason is registry, and if it’s the cause of your issue, you’ll need to fix your Windows Registry.

When everything else fails, then the only possible way to resolve Windows Explorer keeps crashing issue is by reinstalling your Windows system. You may choose to restore the system files only, so the personal file on your computer will be left intact after the process is done.

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