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Krisetya Tech- Game Turbo 5.0 As you know, teenagers usually spend their time on their tablets and smartphones playing various offline and online games.

So they want a fast and high graphics phone so that they can enhance the user experience when playing offline and online games.

If you use a Xiaomi phone and want to enhance the experience of playing offline games and online games.

Experience gaming, download and install the latest version “Game Turbo 5.0” on your smartphone and tablet.

What is the Game Turbo 5.0 app?

What is Game Turbo 5.0

In late May, Xiaomi launched the Game Turbo 5.0. This feature is designed for Xiaomi devices and is the only device that supports it.

This is a tuning system that seems to be based on user preferences to make the game perform better.

Many games have integrated quality parameters such as “Low”, “Medium”, “Maximum”.

In today’s article, xiaomi introduces you to the latest applications released specifically for Xiaomi tablets and smartphones.

But it still works with other phone brands and brands. For information on this new application, read on to the end.

As we mentioned earlier in the last section, the Game Turbo 5.0 application is intended for you xiaomi users only.

So you can not use it on other brands like Samsung, iOS, Asus, Vivo and others because it will not work optimally.

Many xiaomi users are using the latest version of this great turbo gaming application because of the features that can be noticed directly by the user.

From the official xiaomi website, the latest version of the turbo game application works in the same way as the system application, allowing users to perform the following functions directly.

One of its unique features is being able to stay online in games when you are not using the Xiaomi phone at all.

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Information about Turbo Game Application 5.0

Information about Turbo Game Application 5.0

  • Current app name: Game Turbo 5.0
  • Current Version: v5.0
  • Specifications: 1.82 MB
  • Business Developer: Xiaomi
  • Device type: Booster app
  • Recommended: Xiaomi devices
  • Price: Free

After downloading the latest version of the turbo game application on your xiaomi device. Users can do the ss image function, capture the screen directly.

In addition to performing a unique function that is to be able to stay online in games when you are not using a Xiaomi phone at all.

Apart from these features, users can also choose to create a floating image application for other custom applications.

For example, file manager, Facebook, WhatsApp and others. To access it easily when playing games without having to exit the game application.

If you use a Xiaomi tablet and a smartphone with the latest version of the turbo game. You can immediately download and use the latest version of the turbo game application.

You are free from the official website or through this very updated Krisetya Techarticle.

Why is Xiaomi a world-renowned company?

This Chinese industry is famous all over the world and especially in Asia for the variety of other technological and electronic inventions that people can get for less than other companies.

Xiaomi is currently investing in the following features,

  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Backpack
  • looking for settings
  • earplugs
  • mobile app
  • TV sets
  • shoe
  • health fitness brand
  • and others.

Features of Game Turbo 5.0

The company recently released version 3.0 with some new voice changer features to help players.

1. Change user voice

To change their voice to man, woman, robot, cartoon or another voice they like and send it via microphone to other players.

To launch this new version of the player, the following specifications must be met on your xiaomi device.

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2. No root access

You can already feel this updated and updated version on your smartphone, players should not have root settings on your own mobile phone.

3. Install the Magic Manager app

Players must install the Magic app on smartphones and tablets to access Game Turbo version 5.0
MIUI voice changer files

4. Voice changer for MIUI file application

Users must download the MIUI file separately from the official xiaomi website or in this Krisetya Techarticle.

5. MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 version

Your device must be a Xiaomi phone or tablet based on MIUI 11 and MIUI 12 to install this app.
A must for Game Turbo 5.0.

6. A must for Game Turbo 5.0

Your device needs to install the latest version of Mi game turbo

Additional features Game Turbo 5.0.

What additional features can Android and tablet users experience in the latest version of GameTurbo 5.0?

If you install and download the current version of Game Turbo 5.0 on the device with the largest industry being Xiaomi.

Then you will feel the additional features of version 5.0. This additional feature is different from the features of the previous version

  • Users can access all applications and games on the menu list.
  • it is an option to be able to deactivate the home application directly.
  • More options to record activities on the mobile phone screen.
  • Video players can easily free up game storage when playing with this application, so there are no problems like lagging behind in playing online games.
  • Support iOS and Android versions now.
  • And many other unique features.

How to install and download Game Turbo 5.0

Of course, once you are familiar with the extraordinary features of the latest Xiaomi application, you can not wait to install this application.

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Below we have prepared a complete guide to the installation steps as well as the download link for this application directly and without any problems.

Click here to download Game Turbo 5.0

  1. First, download the link above and paste Game Turbo 5.0 for MIUI from the internet onto your device.
  2. Now open Magic file settings and scroll to Magic movie module and tab on you (+) and paste the voice changer file you stored in memory.
  3. After uploading the new file, just be patient for a few seconds and the new module will be installed on your device.
  4. After adding all the modules, restart the device.
  5. Then restart the device, now use the turbo 5.0 game and swipe from right to left on the screen.
  6. The next Voice Changer icon will be available on the device screen. Click and set up your voice ad to enjoy toys online with this new feature.

What are the special features of Game Turbo 5.0?

In this latest version, users can get features that have not been known before. Here is a very new feature you can try.

  • multilingual
  • All optimize enabled
  • Improve in terms of graphic quality

The Xiaomi Game Turbo app, which is intended for tablets and androids, is the latest tool to help you gain a lot of power when you start online games.

The last word

To upgrade your gaming experience, download the latest version of the Game Turbo application and share it with other users. That’s all and thank you.

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